“DNA” by BTS

‘DNA’ is a song brought to us by the iconic Bangtan Boys (BTS). The song’s lyrics center on a boy’s strong desire for a girl. They express a sense of destiny between two lovers. The song is sung from the boy’s perspective as he expresses his infatuation with her.

The term ‘DNA’ (as used in the song) refers to his belief that they belong together. This transcends blood, space, and time.

The song combines elements of rap and pop sizzle together in a fiesta for the senses. The vibrancy of the song is reflected in the colorful lyrics that reflect these romantic passions. ‘DNA’ is certainly another outstanding addition to the grand plethora of BTS songs. 

‘DNA’ came out officially on September 18, 2017. It can be found on the group’s Love Yourself: Her project. Actually said project was the best-selling album of 2017 in BTS’ homeland of South Korea. As of 2020, the album has sold beyond two million copies.  

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