“Abyss” by Jin (BTS)

The title of this song (“Abyss”) points to the idea of the singer being lost, if you will. In the aftermath of BTS, the crew which he is part of, becoming the first Korean act to top the Billboard Hot 100, Jin personally reacted to that success somewhat adversely.  Indeed according to his own words he experienced sort of a guilt, thinking that other people who are more compassionate about music perhaps deserved that accolade more than he did. 

And even though he knows that self-doubt, so to speak, is not the type of subject which BTS tends to harp on, he still decided to come out with a song expressing his feelings. But one way in which “Abyss” does read like a traditional BTS track is that the vocalist is relating to the addressee – whom can be deemed as the general listening audience or perhaps more specifically one of BTS’s loyal fans – as if this person is someone he is emotionally reliant on and committed to. And basically what he seems to be saying is that he is suffering from a case of depression, not of the social variety but more like just feeling isolated on the inside.

Jin wrote this song alongside his BTS bandmate RM, whom he credited with writing the chorus. And the other writers of Abyss are Pdogg and the track’s producer, Bumzu.

This song came out on 3 December 2020. This was one day before Jin’s 28th birthday. And whereas he has dropped a few solo tracks in the past, for the most part those were credited to BTS as opposed to him personally.

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