Zac Brown Band’s “Cold Weather” Lyrics Meaning

Concerning the title of this song (“Cold Weather”), the real-life story upon which it is based did in fact transpire up in Wisconsin, at a time which, according to Zac Brown, it was snowing heavily. So in that regard, the reference to “colder weather” is quite literal. But in terms of general applicability it by and large serves as a metaphor, as what the featured romantic couple is going through is a situation that is not only limited to the chillier parts of the Earth.

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And what is going down is that the male and female characters are in love alright, but the former is living this gypsy-like lifestyle, i.e. one where he is constantly on the move and therefore unfortunately away from his honeybun. 

Of course this scenario was inspired by the fact that Zac is a successful musician and therefore spends a lot of time on the road, as his profession dictates. Well despite his significant other being aware of this, one day he had an unexpected change in plans, and therefore they could not meet as scheduled. And her resultant spazzing really drove the point home to Zac that being in such a romance is not ideal, especially we can say for his girlfriend.


So in this piece, the vocalist is keeping it real as in more or less confirming that his vocation is more important to him than his lover. But that said, who amongst us truly has mastery over matters of the heart? 

So even though he may not ‘want her’ like that, Zac is in love nonetheless. So as further revealed in the bridge and buttressed in the outro, he is kinda entreating her to chill out. Simply put, regardless of where the road takes him, by all means he’s going to come back to the woman he loves anyway.

Zac Brown Band, "Cold Weather" Lyrics

Facts about “Cold Weather”

As implied, Zac Brown Band is an act fronted by one Zac Brown, who is a country musician from Georgia. During the early 2010s the group won three Grammys, and it was also during that time that they dropped consecutive albums that topped the Billboard 200. The albums in question are as follows:

  • “You Get What You Give” (2010)
  • “Uncaged” (2012)
  • “Jekyll + Hyde” (2015)

And this track, being a single from the first of those projects, was released, primarily via Atlantic Records, on 20 December 2010. 

All of Zac Brown’s bandmates who participated on that project are still down with the band as of the writing of this post. They are:

  • guitarist Coy Bowles
  • guitarist Clay Cook
  • violinist Jimmy de Martini
  • drummer Chris Fryar
  • bassist John Driskell Hopkins

Zac Brown and Coy Bowles wrote this song, in conjunction with Wyatt Durrette and Levi Lowrey. And Zac Brown also produced it, though in that regard working with Keith Stegall.

The music video to this track, as assembled by director Darren Doane, is highlighted by actor Liam Hemsworth, brother of A lister Chris Hemsworth, taking on the role of the male subject.

“Colder Weather” definitely contributed to the success of “You Get What You Give“, as the song reached the apex of both Billboard’s Hot Country Songs stateside and their Canada Country chart up north. Also, the track went on to receive RIAA double-platinum certification.

Cold Weather

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