Jonas Brothers’ “Wedding Bells” Lyrics Meaning

What has been verified is that Nick Jonas wrote “Wedding Bells” about his relationship with Miley Cyrus, whom he dated somewhat briefly, albeit seriously, circa the mid-aughts. And even though this is relatedly a love song, it is an unorthodox one in that it revolves around the vocalist’s sentimental reaction to the addressee, as it would appear, deciding to marry another guy.

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As implied, the two of them must’ve broken up beforehand. However, Nick obviously was not expecting that she would proceed to be so thoroughly smitten with someone else, by the looks of things, promptly thereafter. 

Or in any event, he’s not happy to hear that she will apparently be getting married in June. But of course, it isn’t such that he can actually just come out and say something like that. So instead we meet the vocalist in the second verse, hoping that the addressee will be able to pick up on the signs that he is indeed distraught by this turn of events.

Miley Cyrus did eventually get married to Liam Hemsworth in 2018. But they had been dating at least since 2010, and rumors that they may tie to knot began circulating as early as 2012, with this track being made public the following year. 

So basically, Nick was making it known at the time, in this sorta roundabout way, that he was in fact in his feelings as a result. His doing so did not ultimately prevent the marriage, if that was indeed his intent, i.e. speaking now instead of forever holding his peace. But of course as time progressed his feelings for Miley also changed, though by then he could not escape from what had already been written and released.

Lyrics for Jonas Brothers' "Wedding Bells"

When was “Wedding Bells” released?

The Jonas Brothers officially dropped this track November 27th, 2013 as part of their third live album, “LiVe”. The album hit stores the day before this track was released.


Nick Jonas is credited as the sole writer of “Wedding Bells”. He also handled its entire production. Nick composed this track after his break-up with Miley Cyrus. According to Nick, this is a song that makes him extremely “uncomfortable”.

Wedding Bells

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