44 More – Unpacking Rap’s Vivid Testament to Success

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Article Contents:
  1. Music Video
  2. Lyrics
  3. Song Meaning
  4. A Tireless March towards Greatness
  5. The Pitfalls of Fame and Success
  6. Fatherhood and Financial Responsibility
  7. Decoding ’44 More’s’ Hidden Narrative
  8. Lines that Cut Deep


Ay, bitch I been goin’ and goin’ like the Energizer
Yeah, I’m supplyin’ the wood like Elijah
In the cut, smokin’ on indica
Might fuck around and compartmentalize ya
They say, they say life is a bitch and if that is the case then I’m finna surprise her
No, I am not an adviser, but I do advise you to pay attention
Never need to mention, I’m that motherfucker bustin’ heads
Finna push it to the ledge
Yeah, I’ve been smokin’ my meds
Ain’t got no love for the feds
Can’t let fame go to your head
Fuck with me, watch where you tread
I’m finna kill it instead, I’m finna, I’m finna, I’m finna
I will, I will do like I’ve never done it
And I wanna run it and I wanna keep it goin’ and goin’
Like infinity, be the only entity to ever rip it apart
From the start like this, from the heart like this
Finna murder it, a million miles a minute, no nitrous
Doin’ righteous
I-I been, I-I-I been down this road before
Everybody think that they do but they don’t
Swear to God that they would but they won’t
Spittin’ riddles in the middle of a past-time
Me in my mind, feelin’ divine, like yeah
Finna get it like yeah, yeah, like yeah, like yeah (woo, woo, woo, woo)
I done made 20 million dollars (preach!)
I don’t flex to be acknowledged (preach!)
At this point it’s common knowledge (preach!)
All you haters been abolished (preach!)
You in the club throwin’ dollars, but I’m savin’ mine so my kids go to college (preach!)
Or maybe whatever they wanna do (preach!)
Just as long as they never say (preach!)
Daddy blew 20 million dollars (ay)
He had to flex to be acknowledged (ay)
He in the club throwin’ dollars and now cannot afford to send me to college (ay)
Daddy just wanna be loved, just like everybody wanna be accepted (ay)
But somehow he had neglected me and my momma for all of this rap shit (ay)
No, I cannot fuck with that shit (ay)
No, I cannot fuck with that
Who you know dropped the album back to back to back to back to back to back again?
I’m back again to snap again and goddamnit, it ain’t no other way around it
Yeah, it’s happenin’ ’cause I’ve been livin’ in a world on my own
Leave me alone, I’m in the zone where I’ve been prone to destroy shit
You cannot avoid this
Wack mothafuckas have annoyed this
Yes, you know I enjoy this
Preach, mothafuckin’ preach
Yeah, I’m tryna reach everybody in the streets, puttin’ words to the beats
Each one teach one, yeah I’m tryna reach one
Who the beast one? That be me, on the top to the East one
Tell me how you really wanna do it right now, time to murder this
Shout out everybody, no fuckin’ around, ain’t heard of this
Heard of us, we ain’t goin’ nowhere, it’s a herd of us
Hold up, roll up
Levitated like I’m David Blaine
Livin’ a dream like I’m David Aames
Talk all you want, we are not the same
Step in the spot, now they know the name
Sold more albums my first week than Harry Styles and Katy Perry
If that ain’t a sign of the times then I don’t know what is, man this shit is scary
‘Cause bitch, I’ve been blowin’ up like C-4
And I’m 3 for 3 like a free throw
Anybody hatin’ on the boy
Take a step back and then deep-throat
Now my phone blowin’ up like ring
Like ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring!
That Kevin Durant, I’m a champion
Check the numbers, I’m a champion
Can’t sleep on the boy anymore, but the haters that love to hate gon’ pop an Ambien
Star Lord, champion
Know the name, now they know the alias, that’s for sure
Gave ’em 44, now here’s 44 more

Full Lyrics

44 More, a pulsating sequel to Logic’s previous triumph, ’44 Bars’, is more than just a braggadocious beat layered with sharp lyricism. It is a rich, detailed mosaic of success, introspection, and a glaring look at the responsibilities tethered to fame.

Through an intricate weave of references and personal narratives, Logic cements his position in the hip-hop hierarchy while simultaneously navigating the complexities that his success brings – from industry pressure to personal sacrifice. Let’s delve into the composition that decodes the Maryland rapper’s ambitions and reflections.

A Tireless March towards Greatness

Beginning with a vivid portrayal of unyielding energy, Logic invokes the image of the ‘Energizer’ bunny to imply relentless drive. The reference to ‘supplyin’ the wood like Elijah’ nods to an old biblical source of resilience while blending in modern-day flex culture.

This start sets a potent rhythm for the track, with a cadence that mirrors the grind of his journey. Logic’s braggadocio is not without merit, with each bar affirming his work ethic and triumph against the odds.

The Pitfalls of Fame and Success

Amidst the celebration, Logic doesn’t shy away from the dark allure of fame. He acknowledges the intoxicating power it holds (‘Can’t let fame go to your head’) and the fine line between using and abusing substances (‘Yeah, I’ve been smokin’ my meds’).

He paints a cautionary tale referencing the ‘feds’ and the consequences that can befall those who lose sight of their authenticity in the blinding lights of stardom.

Fatherhood and Financial Responsibility

In a vulnerable transition from brash to introspective, Logic speaks to the future, shifting the focus from ‘club throwin’ dollars’ to saving for his children’s education. It’s clear that for him, longevity and legacy outshine temporary pleasures.

The inner dialogue poses a stark contrast, shifting from the opulent rapper lifestyle to the potential narrative of a negligent father – a role Logic vehemently rejects.

Decoding ’44 More’s’ Hidden Narrative

Beneath the boisterous surface lies Logic’s internal conflict; wrestling with the reality of making music that matters (‘Each one teach one, yeah I’m tryna reach one’) while battling industry and peer pressure to stay relevant.

The title ’44 More’ itself is a declaration – not of quantity, but of continuity. It’s a promise of longevity and tenacity in an industry where many are quick to come and go.

Lines that Cut Deep

The track resonates with hard-hitting lines that ruminate on success and credibility (‘Sold more albums my first week than Harry Styles and Katy Perry’). Logic doesn’t just boast of his achievements; he uses them as evidence of his dedication to his craft.

Then, with a triumphant tone, Logic aligns himself with champions, invoking the name of basketball superstar Kevin Durant to illustrate his own rise – becoming an MVP in the musical arena.

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