“Keanu Reeves” by Logic Lyrics Meaning

This track not only serves as a homage to legendary action star Keanu Reeves. But more importantly it touts the superiority of its performer, Logic. Reeves played a popular character famously referred to as “the One”. Likewise, Logic is saying that he is also “the one”, as in the most-dominant rapper.

This track is split into three major topics. First are Logic’s personal experiences that have resulted from him being rich and famous. For instance, there are a number of popular memes based on his character and his heritage. He also sold out Madison Square Garden, one of the greatest concert venues in the United States. And in terms of women, he has on-hand both professional shorties and models who he chills and pops bottles with.

Secondly, keeping to the Reeves-centric theme, another major topic discussed is violence. Logic does not insinuate that he personally busts shots. However, he makes it abundantly clear that he got homeys who, when the occasion calls for it, will resort to a murder-inducing response.

Logic also delves briefly into his parentage. Indeed one of his claims to fame is his biracial background, and he acknowledges such in “Keanu Reeves”.

Lyrics of "Keanu Reeves"

Facts about “Keanu Reeves”

  • Logic co-wrote “Keanu Reeves” along with his collaborators A.G. and 6ix.
  • A.G. and 6ix not only co-wrote this song, but they also worked together to produce it.
  • The song was dropped on January 18, 2019 through three record labels, including Visionary Music Group.
  • Logic teased this track for the first time in 2018. Few weeks after it was teased (in September 2018), it was leaked online. On January 14, 2019 (four days before its official release), the song was once again teased. This time, it was Logic’s independent record label VMG that teased it. They released a tiny snippet of the song on social media.
  • This track served as A.G.’s first time working with Logic. However, it wasn’t 6ix’s first time collaborating with Logic. 6ix had done so multiple times before. He even worked with Logic on his 2017 hit single “1-800-273-8255”.
  • “Keanu Reeves” was Logic’s first single to be released in 2019.

Who is Keanu Reeves?

He is a Canadian actor famed for starring in a ton of Hollywood blockbuster films. Some of the notable films he has appeared in include the following:

  • Point Break Speed
  • The Matrix 
  • John Wick 
  • Little Buddha

In addition to having a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, he has received so many prestigious honors throughout his career. Furthermore, Reeves is also a musician. He plays the bass guitar. He was even a member of the American alternative rock band Dogstar. He was the band’s bassist.

What has Reeves said about this song?

As of January 18, 2019 (the date of this post’s publication), Reeves is yet to comment on this song.

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