“Wake Up” by Logic (ft. Lucy Rose)

By the looks of things, Logic did grow up in a bad neighborhood, and his situation was such that if he had decided to live a life of crime, such options were readily available to him. But instead, he chose a more spiritual route which led him being the man he is today, i.e. someone who overcame the ‘hood as opposed to being bested by it and is in a position to advise others likewise.

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So as the song “Wake Up” progresses, it transforms from autobiographical in nature into more of social commentary, with the vocalist lamenting how hard it can be for a Black man coming from certain backgrounds to make something of his life. And again, this is something Logic knows first-hand, since he went through it himself. 

Those familiar with his artistry know that this is not the type of rapper who we would generally classify as being street-based or a thug. But in this track, Logic is letting listeners know that he had his brushes with that life, watching homeys get incarcerated for instance, but wisely, he chose a different past.

Logic's "Wake Up" Lyrics

Lucy Rose

“Wake Up” officially features English singer Lucy Rose. She is the female narrator at the end of the song that briefly narrates Logic’s real life story. Lucy and Logic have over the years worked on multiple projects together. One of their most famous works together is Logic’s 2017 smash hit “1-800-273-8255“. Lucy was one of the background vocalists on this song.

Wake Up

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