“Barefoot in the Park” by James Blake (Ft. Rosalía)

“Barefoot in the Park” is clearly a love song with mutual feelings of affection and admiration being expressed  between Englishman James Blake and Spanish singer Rosalía. In the song, the pair see each other as inspiring, stabilizing forces in their lives. Furthermore, Rosalía relays feelings tantamount to being willing to go to the ends of the earth in order to be with her sweetheart. Also, the title of the song, “Barefoot in the Park”, is a lead-in to the two of them “rubbing off on” each other, seemingly sort of like sand does the bottom of your feet when you walk outside barefooted. But just as confusing as that metaphor is so is this track at some points.

"Barefoot in the Park" lyrics

For instance, in the pre-chorus when James Blake leads the pair in exclaiming “you need to lose someday”, it seems as if he and Rosalía are expressing animosity and ill-will towards each other. And this type of lack of a clear direction for the track carries over even into the music video

But ultimately it seems that the two of them are expressing a sense of fulfillment in finding each other. As such, they don’t need prayer or other daily stabilizing factors that people commonly turn to because their love for each other fulfills those needs. 

And Rosalía especially expresses a sense of appreciation in discovering this romance, despite the fact she seems concerned about the potential of getting her heart broken.

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  1. Andrei says:

    James doesn’t say „you need to lose some day”. I saw many lyrics translated in this form but this is not what James sings.
    He says „who needs to hallucinate?” and taking all the strophe together is a speaking of how much a person can make you feel so great that you’re in a hallucinogenic state, the form that you see behind the curtain of reality.

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