“Dolerme” by Rosalía

This title of the song (“Dolerme”), translated into English, is “Hurt”. And basically, what Rosalía is doing throughout is beefing with her ex-boyfriend.  The way the situation reads is that after they parted ways, he has moved on with his life, pretty much as if nothing happened. For instance, she points out, in a most unfavorable manner, that he has since moved on to deal with other women. But the singer herself is still in a considerable degree of emotional turmoil in the aftermath. And she lets this point be forcefully known as throughout she appears to be threatening to harm herself as a result. 

Moreover the purpose of putting forth such a sentiment is apparently to get her ex to intervene in some sort of way. This implies that she wants him back in her life.  So conclusively we can say that if nothing else, the singer has yet to get over her former lover.

Facts about “Dolerme”

Columbia Records and Sony Music Entertainment unexpectedly released this track on 24 March 2020.

Rosalía wrote “Dolerme” along with El Guincho and the track’s producer, Frank Dukes.

This song was released while Rosalía was concurrently in quarantine during the coronavirus outbreak of 2020. And the song’s music video reflected that reality. Her reasoning for putting out “Dolerme” under such circumstances was as a form of self-therapy. Likewise, in understanding that many of her fans are also dealing with some sort of isolation due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, she also hoped that this track would also make them “feel a little better”.

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