Adele’s “Skyfall” Lyrics Meaning

Skyfall happens to be the name of the place where the film character James Bond was born in. The song basically signifies the movie plot which captures the end of a particular era in the film, an end to the modern version of Bond, and an end to actress Judi Dench portraying the role of M.

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The song begins by describing how James supposedly dies by drowning but wakes up once again, unharmed and ready to continue his mission. As the lyrics portray, the writer is saying that the characters will stick together and face every situation together, no matter how difficult it gets. It also talks about how agents are identified by numbers instead of their real names, suggesting how they can easily be replaced, as in the case of M (Judi Dench)

Did Adele write “Skyfall”?

This song was written by Adele. It was subsequently produced by Paul Epworth and released on October 5, 2012 as the original soundtrack and theme song for the 23rd James Bond movie and 50th anniversary release with the same name.

Adele prevents Donald Trump from using “Skyfall”

In 2016, Adele specified that Donald Trump did not have her consent to use her songs particularly Skyfall or Rolling in the Deep at his political rallies. She also demanded that neither of her music should be used in any sort of political campaign. The singer later endorsed Hillary Clinton; Trump’s 2016 contender instead.

More Interesting Facts

Skyfall was co-written by Adele and Paul Epworth as the theme track for Skyfall, the 23rd movie about James Bond.

It was first played on Adele’s website on October 5, 2012 at exactly 00:07am to mark Eon Productions’ ‘James Bond Day” celebrations, as well as the fiftieth anniversary of its first film, Dr. No.

The singer revealed that she was initially hesitant to be involved in the project because of the pressure that came with writing a ‘Bond’ song. However, the process became fun and produced great results in the end.

A 77-piece orchestra, arranged by J.A.C Redford was featured on the track.

The song became the first ‘Bond’ theme song to win Best Original Song during the 85th Academy Awards.

The track was named Best Single during the 2013 BRIT Awards. A pre-recorded acceptance speech video was broadcast at the event since the songwriter missed to prepare for the Oscars.

The first live performance of Skyfall was on February 24, 2013 at the Dolby Theater, Los Angeles.

During the shooting of the video clip for the song, Adele was nine months pregnant. She opted not to be shot, thus the music video for this track only features scenes from the movie itself.

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