“Apocalypse” by Dax

Dax’s “Apocalypse” is a song that is in fact apocalyptic, in the truest sense of the word. It features Dax detailing various ways in which the world – or at least where he resides – has become sort of a hell on earth.

For instance, in the chorus he notes constant police activity, meaning that there is also a high level crime. Then he has been given “the shot” and had his ‘guns taken away’. 

Those statements, beyond being intended to be taken literally, actually point to Dax feeling as if his civil rights are being trampled upon. In other words, as of late conspiracy theorists always tend to gripe about the prospect of forced vaccinations, and it becoming unlawful for private citizens to own firearms.

Then Dax confronts the coronavirus or more specifically the lockdowns associated with it, by noting that he and others are “stuck in (their) home”. Then he apparently alludes to the types of frightening protests which were all over the news in 2020. 

And even living in such a plugged-in society where all of this is available on the news, still “misinformation” is rampant. 

So all of the above has him feeling, as indicated in the first verse, that the “end of the world… is close”.

The Last Days

And beyond giving even more reasons why he is under such an impression – such as mass hunger, warfare and what have you – the verses also serve the purpose of detailing Dax’s response to this revelation. 

And again in connection with the title, this song is actually semi-religious in its approach.  That is to say that in light of living in the last days, Dax has concluded it would be best for him and others to “pray to God”. 

Indeed the word “God” is mentioned three separate times in the lyrics. And one gets the impression that whereas songs of similar overall sentiment are somewhat common, the vocalist at hand really and truly believes that the end of the world, as prophesied by the Bible, is imminent. 

Some may refer to this state as apocalypticism or a similar condition. But truth be told this is something a lot of people suffer from.

Lyrics of "Apocalypse"

A Social Commentary Song

So conclusively this is almost like your standard social-commentary rap song. For instance, we have special emphases on “corrupt police”, “dumb politicians” and sheisty religious practices. 

But what separates this from most other songs which may fall into that category is that it has an overtly-religious slant. The singer is someone who believes, simply put, that God is coming to reclaim the Earth. 

But more to the point is him being convinced that such an ‘apocalyptic’ event is already on the verge of happening in the here and now.

Music Video for “Apocalypse”

The music video to this track was manned by a filmographer named Logan Meis.


Dax is a musician who, as of the release date of this song on 23 March 2021, is still building a name for himself in the field. 

Up until this point he has garnered a sizable following on YouTube, hosting a channel which has thus far attracted in excess of over 3,000,000 subscribers. 

In fact his highly-cinematic music videos tend to attract millions of viewers each. And whereas he may not be a household name at this point, he has already dropped tracks alongside more established rappers such as Trippie Redd, Hopsin and O.T. Genasis. 

His most-notable song to date, as in the one which put him on the map, is said to be 2017’s “Cash Me Outside” which he dropped alongside Danielle Bregoli (aka Bhad Bhabie), the social-media sensation who coined that titular phrase.

Before taking up a music career Dax was actually a notable high school and college basketball player. He also made ends meet by working as a janitor for a time, concurrently while a student in college.

On top of his YouTube channel, which he founded in 2012, Dax also enjoys a celebrity-like Twitter following of nearly 150,000 followers.


Did Dax write “Apocalypse”?

Dax is the writer of “Apocalypse”. And the song was produced by another musician from Canada, LexNour Beats.

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