Dax’s “My Last Words” Lyrics Meaning

As the title of this song implies, these are the “last words” of rapper Dax. In the song, Dax takes on the character of someone who is about to die. And the lyrics represent the sentiments he wants to get off his chest before he goes. However, his “death” is only symbolic. The song serves as a metaphor for Dax doing away with an old version of himself and adopting what he believes is a new and improved persona. And he wants his listeners to join him in this life-changing exercise.

The lyrics of “My Last Words” are based on well-known philosophies that Dax subscribes to. For instance, he feels that “we must live everyday like it’s our last”.  It also disturbs him that many people die without ever capitalizing on the opportunity to utilize their internal gifts. So getting the most out of every day and expressing himself are the primary goals of Dax’s new life, and he acknowledges he must first ‘say goodbye to the old’, i.e. die, in order to truly adopt these ideologies.

Lyrics of "My Last Words"

Thus the beginning of the track finds Dax playing the role of someone with ‘a gun to his head’ who only has “two minutes” before the trigger is pulled. And within that timeframe, he must articulate the “last words” he wants to give to the world. He starts off by expressing regret for some of the bad things he did in the past. He wishes he could “go back in time” and right some of the wrongs and pains he has experienced.

In the chorus, he expresses a desire to also impart some loving and apologetic sentiments to his parents. Additionally he wishes that he had taken his religious life more seriously.  

Ultimately Dax’s “last words” basically boil down to him relaying an overall regret for the way he has conducted his life.

My Last Words lyrics

Quick Facts about “My Last Words”

  • “My Last Words” was composed by Dax himself and produced by LexNour Beats.
  • This track was released as a single in April 2019. It appears on Dax’s EP titled F**k Love.

What has Dax said about “My Last Words”?

In a Twitter post, Dax referred to the lyrics of the track as “purpose driven”.  According to him, they are basically about him saying goodbye to the old him.

Dax explains the meaning of "My Last Words"

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