“Back from the Dead” by Melani Martinez

It’s been awhile since we’ve heard from Melanie Martinez, the NYC-based songstress who initially made a name for herself, as a teenager, by competing on The Voice in 2012. Since then she’s signed with Atlantic Records and released a couple of well-received studio albums, 2015’s “Cry Baby” and 2019’s “K-12”. But her most-recent single to date, “The Bakery“, is a song that came out way back in 2020.

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But now Melanie, once again with the support of Atlantic, is on the verge of dropping her third studio LP, a project titled “Portals” in March of 2023. This outing reportedly revolves around an alien-inspired motif. And to note, there has yet to be any singles issued from it.

So the public became aware of “Back from the Dead” when Martinez uploaded an untitled snippet of it onto Spotify and subsequently another snippet via other platforms, on 18 February 2023. Later on, she verified that this forthcoming track is indeed the lead single from “Portals” and will be issued in full on 24 February. So in the meantime the lyrics we are analyzing today – as written by Melanie and the track’s producer, CJ Baran – are from said snippets.


What has been ascertained by Melanie Martinez’s fandom, based on the visuals associated with the snippets and other clues, is that the artist is set to engage in a new era of her career. So that theoretically would be what the vocalist means when she makes assertions like ‘her body has died, but she’s still alive’ and that she is “back from the dead”. In other words, said death would be symbolic of one stage of Melanie’s career ending, and being “back from” would imply that she has now gone on to the next. 

“I’m back from the dead, back from the dead”

So all of these brief lyrics considered, what we should be expecting once this song and subsequently the entire album comes out is something vastly different from Martinez.

Back from the Dead

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