Melanie Martinez’s “Moon Cycle” Lyrics Meaning

In over five years of working on Song Meanings + Facts, “Moon Cycle” may be the first track we ever came across which, according to the artist, is “about… menstruation”. Martinez went on to further explain that as intended, the lyrics are meant to portray “how blood represents vitality and life”. 

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That point does sorta come across in the chorus, in which Martinez, in part, uses the passage to seemingly allude to the function menstruation serves in refreshing a woman’s reproductive system. In the second verse, the vocalist also seems to present herself as someone who is strengthened, so to speak, during her time of the month. 

“Skin ready for my heavy daily crème
I keep it handy, womb shedding
Any lessons, making room for blessings
Juice melting like raspberry, pomegranate
It’s so scary how my aura got him howling at my moon cycle, baby”

And as far as this track being titled “moon cycle”, that would have something to do with the fact as commonly understood there is some correlation between those two phenomena, i.e. the phases of the moon and menstrual cycles.

But it can be argued that for the most part, what it appears Melanie is getting at, most honestly interpreted, is her romantic interest having developed an affinity for having sex while she is in her period. Initially, as implied in the first verse, he is strongly turned off by such an act. 

Indeed, bonking a woman while she’s on her period is seen by some people, especially the likes of religious adherents, as a taboo. But apparently the addressee isn’t on it like that, at first being turned off by the blood but subsequently coming to prefer messing around with the vocalist when she’s going through this periodic process.

But the latter part of the second verse doesn’t read as if Melanie is referring to sex. Rather, she uses that opportunity to speak to her ferocity, if you will, while menstruating. So the overall message of this song would be, as Martinez implied in her explanation, something along the lines of celebrating a woman’s “moon cycle” as opposed to approaching this topic as is typically done, in a squirmish or shy manner.


“Moon Cycle” can be found on “Portals”, the LP Melanie Martinez dropped on 31 March 2023. This is actually her third studio album, and, as with the two prior, it is a product of Atlantic Records.

“Moon Cycle” is one of two songs on “Portals” that was co-written by One Love (with the other being “Tunnel Vision“). Its co-authors are Melanie Martinez and CJ Baran, with the latter also producing the track. 

The other producer is Pearl Lion, who alongside Martinez conceptualized this song, thus marking his sole contribution to “Portals”.

Moon Cycle

A Fan’s Reaction

“This is my daughter’s new favorite song! Listening to ‘Moon Cycle’ made her feel more secure and confident about her own body. Usually, she sees her period as a daunting and unpleasant experience, but hearing Melanie talk about it as something ethereal and otherworldly is incredibly calming. I know this may sound cheesy, but this song has helped her to appreciate her body and come to terms with the reality of having periods.

She feels empowered to view this natural process in a new light, and the song has given her a sense of sacredness and beauty that she never associated with it before. I’ll always be grateful to Melanie for creating this amazing piece of music.”

– Mabel

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  1. sydney says:


  2. Anonymous says:

    I love Melanie – thanks for clearing up the meaning

  3. Carmen says:

    I listen to this song when i need feel more comfortable and strong when i’m on my “Moon Cycle”. I love Melanie Martinez so much!

  4. Lilith says:

    slayayayya i loveee melanie she awsome

  5. Nicky says:

    Did you know that she also confirmed sampling the sound of her own ‘cramps leading up to this song? Big slayyy! Though I am never enthusiastic, I’m never squeamish with speaking about my menstrual cycles to most people. But even with that said, this song greatly strengthened me in that field. It’s also a bop! “*baby voice* Why u always ac so seerius?”

  6. Cherry pie says:

    On my moon cycle right now lol

  7. Anonymous says:

    Every time I hear “reproductive system” it sounds so icky and objectifying to me. But yes, periods themselves are alright as long as you have painkillers in hand or a remedy like apple cider vinegar :). I know people that don’t even experience cramps as a symptom so good for them.

  8. Melanie lover says:

    im calling it moon cycle for EVER because girl who knew sombody could sing about being on your moon cycle and make it sound so beautiful

    • Hsha says:

      Im not a girl but i can feel your’s incridible and attractive song it my 3st song i love lyrics can tell everything every feeling

  9. Anonymous says:

    i love melanie martinez

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