Melanie Martinez

This US singer is a native of New York City, and she was born in April 1995. Melanie Martinez initiated a career in music around 2012, and has gone on to furnish her fans and music lovers alike with several good tunes.

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Martinez’s first claim to stardom came in 2012 when she participated in the reality show “The Voice”. Two years after, she dropped “Dollhouse” as her debut single, and then followed it up with her first album “Cry Baby”. She officially released this project in 2015. Since then, the singer has released multiple records including 2023’s “Portals”, which serves as her third studio album.

What Style is Melanie Martinez?

The New Yorker’s music style comprises the genres listed below:

  • Alternative pop
  • Art pop
  • Pop
  • Electropop
  • Pop rock

Notable Songs

Since the inception of her musical career, the songstress has dropped a number of popular tracks such as:



“Moon Cycle”

“Spider Web”

“Tunnel Vision”

“The Contortionist”




“Test Me”

“Field Trip”

“The Bakery”

“Bombs on Monday Morning”

“Fire Drill”

“Copy Cat”

“Cough Syrup”

“The Show”



“Milk of the Sirens”

“Hit the Road Jack”



“Too Close”

“Seven Nation Army”

“Mrs. Potato Head”


“Gingerbread Man”

“Sippy Cup”


“Pity Party”


“Cry Baby”

“Lunchbox Friends”


“Teacher’s Pet”

“Strawberry Shortcake”

“Class Fight”

“Orange Juice”

“The Principal”

“Show & Tell”

“High School Sweethearts”

“Nurse’s Office”

“Wheels on the Bus”

“Back from the Dead”


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