“Milk of the Sirens” by Melanie Martinez

“Milk of the Sirens” is the final song on the playlist of the 16-track deluxe edition of Melanie Martinez’s “Portals”, which Atlantic Records made public on 5 April 2023 (with the original edition of the album coming out less than a week prior to that).  

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Melanie Martinez's Milk of the Sirens at Lyrics.org.

The song was written by Melanie Martinez and a song-composition duo team known as Kinetics & One Love, with one half of the pair, One Love, also producing the track.

Fans of Martinez were aware of this song’s existence since 2021, when its demo leaked. And reportedly, said leak is the reason why Sirens did not make the original, standard tracklist of “Portals”.

The Lyrics of “Milk of Sirens”

Interpreting this song requires some imagination on the part of the listener. For instance, sirens are creatures from the iconic Greek mythology, an ancient belief system that Melanie also references on “Nymphology” (which is another track from “Portals”). 

They were believed to lure, i.e. seduce sailors off of their course and into an early grave. So when Melanie refers to “drink(ing) from the leche of sirens” (with “leche” being “milk” in Spanish), it seems that what she’s encouraging is something along of the lines of females intentionally using their power over men to subdue the “ones deserving to drown”. 

And within context (i.e. based on the pre-chorus) that would be those who, most simply put, have a tendency to subjugate and abuse the fairer sex.

That said, it’s not abundantly clear what Martinez means by “let(ting) them drown” or other such terminology, such as “guillotine their heads”. But we will assume that she is not referring to women actually leading to the likes of male chauvinists and abusive patriarchs to their deaths. 

Rather, what she is more overtly espousing is sistren being wise enough to identify such individuals and subsequently treating them accordingly, using their feminine wiles, if you will, to conjure up “a little havoc” in their lives and then sitting back to enjoy the show.

“Drink from the leche of sirens
Summon the sailors in town
Strangle the fear of decidin’
Which ones deservin’ to drown
Don’t feel bad when these f–kers all drown”

8 Responses

  1. Sophie says:

    I thought it was about Melanie Martinez saying that she is tired of men being at the top of everything and always being considered the best. By getting paid more and everything, and having the ladies stay and do the chores, while the men do the good work. So I thought she was standing up for women. I still like to think that. It sounds Melanie enough.

  2. anonymous says:

    Ah Melanie ????
    I love that song tho
    “Nothing wrong with a little havoc”
    “Kinda fun when shit hits the fan”

  3. BAHAHGYA says:

    i love this song so much

  4. M says:

    She’s f–king phenomenal

  5. Lakshmi G says:

    Just love this song of Melanie so much !!!.. Was really really waiting for one such song to ring truth in womens’ heads…
    Love the last part of the lead guitar… It awakens vengeance towards the abusers and upholds respect for women !!!!

  6. Jdhekeg says:

    I Just love this song very much it’s so inspiring

  7. Mafakaprussiadingdingdong says:

    I love this song but I can’t listen because of some reasons but I still love how she made songs btw

  8. C. Lange says:

    The video is at once hypnotic n transporting. Enjoyed the fineries n the fantasmagorical look and feel. Kudos to creators of both the song n the video.

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