“Tunnel Vision” by Melanie Martinez

“Tunnel Vision” is the only song on Melanie Martinez’s album “Portals” to be co-written by Kinetics & One Love (as a unit, alongside the songstress herself). Kinetics & One Love are a pair of very-successful behind-the-scenes’ musicians who were steady collaborators of Martinez during the 2010s. 

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Melanie Martinez's Tunnel Vision at Lyrics.org.

And on that note, this may be the earliest song written for “Portals”, as “Tunnel Vision” was first teased in March of 2021, with Melanie also going on to reveal that as being the year the song was composed.

Meanwhile, One Love is also credited with producing this track alongside CJ Baran. It was released through Atlantic Records on 31 March 2023.

Is “Tunnel Vision” Martinez’s Version of a Sex Song?

This may be taken as a sex song, Melanie Martinez style. That is to say that yes, for a second there the vocalist does celebrate her appeal to the opposite sex. But holistically, this isn’t the case of a female pop singer boasting about her sexiness. 

Instead, the focus is on Martinez being turned off by the types who “always hustle for the pu-sy”, or let’s more specifically say men who feen for sex. It can be deemed that the way she sees it, such individuals are fickle and transitory lovers. And to reiterate, whereas the vocalist does take pride in her sex appeal, she obviously isn’t a hoe.

So it is such a disposition, being preoccupied with sex, that Melanie is describing as “tunnel vision” on the part of people who practice such a lifestyle. 

“Tunnel vision”, simply put, is a term used to describe when a person is fixated on only one way of thinking, whereas he or she can only see in a single direction, if you will. And even though these types of individuals have games they play to try to make it look like they’re interested in a serious relationship, evidently Martinez is wise enough to identify and avoid them nonetheless. 

So the conclusive sentiment of this piece is that the likes of playas will not find such success in her pants, as the vocalist’s sense of self-worth is such that she’s not down to be anyone’s fuck buddy.

“But your focus is empty
Tunnel vision, thеn dead me
Honeysucklе and fresh meat
But I’m more than that, more than that
Playing house to distract me
But you’re no good at acting
Obvious what you’re after
And I’m more than that, more than that
And I’m more than that, more than that”

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    What was pluto about? by melanie

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    interesting way of wording it, but alr

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