“Best Friend” by Saweetie (ft. Doja Cat)

On this track Saweetie and Doja Cat portray the role of “best friend(s)”. Said premise serves as a means where the two vocalists go about biggin’ each other up. And as such, they present themselves as boss b***hes, if you will. That is to say that they are both well-paid in addition to having domineering personalities and strong sex appeal. Also the track is at least partially set in a strip club, and accordingly they are also both presented as having exceptional twerking skills. But at the end of the days this isn’t so much about the two vocalists per se. Rather the lyrics operate more along the lines of detailing who they perceive to be the ideal type of lady, which is an ideology both of them obviously live up to.

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Facts about “Best Friend”

At first Warner Brothers prematurely released this track, at least according to Saweetie, on 4 December 2020. But its official release date is actually 7 January 2021. And it is featured on Saweetie’s first full-length, Pretty Bi**h Music.

Music video director Dave Meyers put together the official clip to this song. It most notably features what has been referred to as a “bedazzled Tesla”.

This marks Saweetie’s first collaboration with Doja Cat, with both artists hailing from California. The two ladies also co-wrote the song in conjunction with A1 LaFlare, SupaKaine, Theron Thomas and the track’s two producers, Dr. Luke and Rocco Valdes (aka Rocco Did It Again!).

Saweetie and Doja Cat’s Relationship

Saweetie and Doja don’t seem to have had much of an actual friendship prior to this song. Yes, they are both from the Golden State but two completely-different areas, with Doja hailing from L.A. and Saweetie, Santa Clara, which is nearly 400 miles away.  However, Saweetie has pointed out that she “love(s) Doja Cat”. Moreover the two of them met a couple of years prior to this track being released. And as we have alluded to earlier, the rapper has also put forth that the purpose of “Best Friend” is to serve as a female empowerment tune. Additionally it is meant to be “a best friend anthem”.

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