“Don’t Say Nothin'” by Saweetie

Saweetie has dated quite a few celebrities, most notably amongst them being Quavo of Migos’ fame, and their relationship was a pretty-well publicized one. So of course given the nature of the lyrics of “Don’t Say Nothin'”, some listeners are going to believe that it’s him she’s referring to. But honestly, there doesn’t seem to be any conclusive lyrical evidence to support that claim.

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If this were the case of a rapper who only dated one rich dude during her life, that would be one thing. But again, Saweetie has been romantically linked to a number of well-paid men, so her bragging about how the addressee spent big in the name of sleeping with her doesn’t pin it down to just one of her exes. 

And even then, it may not be that she’s speaking to her personal history as much as the idea of presenting herself as what we may call a contemporary female playa, considering for instance that this track has 10 different co-writers.

The Lyrics

In the second verse, it is insinuated that the vocalist’s relationship with the addressee was a short-lived ordeal, due to Saweetie being less than impressed with his sexual prowess. Meanwhile, she and Quavo managed to stay together for three years. 

And in the first verse where she’s dissing the addressee for only spending “a hunnid K” on her, it is already known that in the past, Quavo dedicated a lot more than that to their relationship. Rather to note, the person who is on record, as far as gossip circles are concerned, as having spent $100,000 on the rapper is NBAer James Harden.

So to reiterate, it may be that the addressee is something like a composite of a number of dudes that Saweetie has dated. Therefore, even though certain lyrics may not pertain to Quavo, when it comes to exes of hers that were ‘telling her business to the blogs’, no one would seemingly fit that bill more so than he does.


But all lyrics considered, it’s obvious that she’s not out to put anyone directly on blast, even if this track was dropped at the same time Quavo is mourning the death of his nephew/bandmate, Offset. Rather, the main goal here appears to be portraying the vocalist in a light whereas she has total mastery of her romantic/sex life, garnering big dough for her wares and doing her sexual conquests as she will. 

And along that same vein, Saweetie is letting these individuals know that she doesn’t appreciate them taking these bonkings and trying to turn the relationship into clickbait. After all, as portrayed it isn’t like she’s only doing it for money but also having a genuine interest in the addressee, even if said interest proves fleeting. 

And overall, she’s obviously not the type of woman who wants the details of her sex life out in the public domain.

Saweetie, "Don't Say Nothin'" Lyrics

Saweetie talks about “Don’t Say Nothin’

Saweetie has dedicated this song to every single woman out there upset about the violation of her privacy by an ex. According to Saweetie, if you and someone enjoy “an intimate moment”, it is imperative that the said moment be kept private.


Saweetie is one of the most-popular female emcees of the early 2020s. She is currently so popular that she has even garnered her own signature McDonald’s Meal, which is a rare feat for any type of celebrity. And this is despite the fact that she has yet to drop a studio album. However, the rapper has come out with a few EPs, with “Don’t Say Nothin’” acting as the lead single to her fourth extended play, “The Single Life”.

Credits for “Don’t Say Nothin'”

There are only two producers of this track, Rance and My Guy Mars. However, there are a plethora of authors behind the song’s composition. The full list of writers of “Don’t Say Nothin'” is as follows:

  • Rance
  • My Guy Mars
  • Saweetie
  • Walt Gaines
  • Roger E. Butler
  • HoodyBaby
  • Joelle James
  • Jason Martin
  • Francesco Benin-Cado
  • Dylan Del-Olmo

Release Date of “Don’t Say Nothin'”

The labels behind this track are Saweetie’s own brand, ICY Records, alongside Warner Records. And they issued this single on 17 November 2022.

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