“Easy Lover” by Ellie Goulding (ft. Big Sean)

The easiest way to describe the premise behind Ellie Goulding’s “Easy Lover” is as it being centered on a female who has fallen in love with a guy whom she already knew beforehand is a playa. This would be the “easy lover” referred to in the title. Actually, the word transient would have probably been a more-ample adjective to describe him.

But the way the word “easy” plays into the ideas presented may be along the lines of the vocalist entreating him to take it easy on her. Or put otherwise, having fallen in love and all, she knows she is at his emotional mercy. But at the same time, since it seems he has already practically left her, Ellie is resultantly afraid that she will indeed prove to be another of his heartbroken victims, “just like all the other girls” he dated. But then on top of all of that, she’s also apparently convinced that he’s in love with her.

Big Sean

Meanwhile, Big Sean takes on the role of the easy lover. And there’s a lot going on in his verse actually. Reading in between the lines, he adopts the standard rap-based machismo when it comes to such matters, basically telling Ellie that he was compelled to separate from her in the name of fulfilling his destiny, if you will. So whereas he understands why she’s upset at him, he is also obviously looking for some empathy from her. Additionally Sean reinforces the notion that yes, the love between them is real.

Thesis Sentiment of “Easy Lover”

The above said, the thesis sentiment of this track doesn’t revolve around Sean’s sweet words. Ellie may be convinced that the “easy lover” wants her alright. But in the grand scheme of things, she feels like a ‘fool’ for having “gone too far and too deep” with him to begin with.

Ellie Goulding, "Easy Lover" Lyrics

“Easy Lover”

“Easy Lover”, which came out via Polydor Records on 15 June 2022, is Ellie Goulding’s first single as the headline vocalist since 2020’s “Love I’m Given”. And in this case, the English songstress is teaming up with Californian rapper Big Sean. 

This is actually their second collaboration. In 2014, Sean featured Ellie on his track “You Don’t Know”.

The music video to this track was filmed in Bulgaria, a country found in Southeast Europe.

The two vocalists are credited with writing “Easy Lover” alongside Julia Michaels and Greg Kurstin, with Kurstin also being the track’s producer.  And according to Goulding, it is actually she and Michaels who originated the song.

Ellie Goulding talks about "Easy Lover"

The music video to this track was directed by one Sophia Ray.

Important to Note:

Legendary English singer Phil Collins also has an iconic song titled “Easy Lover“. This song, which came out in 1984, is actually a collaboration between Phil and Philip Bailey of the band Earth, Wind & Fire. This classic was a number 1 hit in several places, including the UK.

It is very likely Goulding was inspired by that classic during the creation of her “Easy Lover”. And why? Her “Easy Lover” shares the same title with the two Phils’ classic. Secondly, it also shares a similar theme.

Easy Lover

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  1. awesome human being says:

    Love the extra titbit! Perfect example of how music transcends time 🙂

  2. The Listener says:

    This song is certainly a nod to Phil’s Easy Lover.

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