Billie Eilish’s “Listen Before I Go” Lyrics Meaning

In the lyrics of “Listen Before I Go”, Billie Eilish plays the role of someone apparently on the verge of committing suicide. As such, she is appealing to the addressee of the track to “listen” to her final words ‘before she goes’. For the most part, she seems to be speaking to a specific person, who she basically accuses of deserting her in the past. And while her relationship to this person is never clearly specified in this song, it is generally considered to be her lover.

The beginning of the track finds Eilish on a rooftop, apparently about to jump off. Before doing so, she instructs the person trying to talk her down to leave her in the solitude that she has grown accustomed to as a result of that same person not being around.

Owing to this, in the choruses, she is entreating those who need something from her or desire to speak to her to do so promptly, because she is “leaving soon”. And her mind is not open to apologies from anyone as she has already reasoned to take her own life.

Lyrics of Eilish's "Listen Before I Go"

Likewise in the second verse, she doesn’t seem interested in words of encouragement in terms of preserving her life.  Rather she tells the person who is seemingly trying to do so once again to leave her alone, as he or she has already done. Then Eilish climaxes the song by telling this individual to send a final message of her love to her friends.

Ultimately Billie does not intend for this song to be an advocacy of suicide. Rather it is to shine light on the potentially-horrifying effects of depression. This is an issue she has reportedly dealt with in real life, and she wants this track to serve as an expression of what some of her listeners may be going through as well as a medium by which she can become more connected to them.

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