“Lo Vas A Olvidar” by Billie Eilish & ROSALÍA

The title of this track (“Lo Vas A Olvidar”) translates to “Will You Forget It”.  And the singers are apparently posing this question to a former romantic interest. This is in fact bit of a complicated tune lyrically. But what it boils down to is something like the vocalist(s) advising her ex to get over the heartbreak associated with their past romance. Indeed it can be ascertained that it was a bit of a tumultuous one. And the further implication is dude is trying to act like he wasn’t really fazed by the breakup. But at the same time, the fact that he is still harboring and expressing ill feelings towards the vocalist would indicate otherwise. So it’s not like she is trying to reestablish their romance. Rather, she wants him to finally admit that her love was worth more to him than he let on.

Facts about “Lo Vas A Olvidar”

This song is bilingual (English and Spanish) though most of it, even Billie Eilish’s parts, is in Spanish.

Billie Eilish had teased the release of this track as far back as 2019. In fact according to the songstress, she and Rosalía “wrote most of the song in January of 2019”. She also alerted fans of its long-awaited forthcoming, via Instagram, a couple of days before its official release.

The official release date of “Lo Vas A Olvidar” was on 21 January 2021. And it is to be featured on an upcoming episode of the HBO series “Euphoria” scheduled to air a few days later, on 24 January.

The other two writers of this song, besides the vocalists, are El Guincho and the track’s producer (as well as Billie’s big brother), Finneas.

For the record this is the first time that Rosalía and Billie have ever collaborated.  Moreover, it marks both of the musicians’ first new music for 2021.

What is the “Euphoria” series all about? And does Billie Eilish appear on it?

No, Eilish doesn’t appear on it.

“Euphoria” is a television series which began airing on HBO in 2019. It is a teen drama filmed primarily in Los Angeles but was partially inspired by an Israeli TV series also known as Euphoria. The star of the show is Zendaya, who portrays the role of Rue Bennett, a recovering drug addict. And accordingly, despite being a ‘teen’ show, “Euphoria” does in fact deal with a number of mature topics. Moreover it has proven quite popular during its first couple of years of existence. And the show has relied heavily on the musical talents of Labrinth, who scored the first season’s soundtrack

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