“Your Power” by Billie Eilish

On “Your Power” Billie Eilish is speaking on relationship dynamics, not necessarily from a first-person perspective. And the overall lesson behind it all is that individuals who find themselves in a position of power should not abuse it. But of course she uses the example of what appears to be a romantic relationship to get this point across.

But in terms of how the song does relate to Eilish personally, it has been put forth that it is about her dealings with one 7:Amp. 7:Amp is reportedly an ex-boyfriend of Billie’s. And honestly we never heard of him up until today. The two of them, with Amp being five years her senior, had a serious relationship in the recent past. And verily, their union wasn’t ideal and eventually dissolved.

However, based on Eilish’s description of the association, as pointed out by Genius, the two of them breaking up didn’t have anything to do with him ‘abusing his power’ or anything like that. 

And Billie herself has gone out of her way to reveal that the song is not about her personally per se. According to her, it is rather about the multitudes of people who have likewise undergone similar experiences. But of course those facts aren’t going to stop some people from asserting this song is about 7:Amp anyway.

“Your Power” might be inspired by the Relationship Between Billie Eilish and 7:Amp

But truthfully, it is eyebrow raising that at least in the second verse for instance the featured relationship is apparently depicted as one between an older male and younger female, as was 7:Amp and Billie Eilish. Also in the pre-chorus she does mention dude being afraid of losing his “contract”. That honestly does sound like she is talking about a fellow professional musicians. 

So it is obvious that Eilish’s relationship with 7:Amp served as an inspiration and/or reference for what she wanted to get across in general.  

And in terms of the abuse of power, what Eilish is referring to within the context of the featured narratives is that of the emotional variety. And we don’t know if the stories contained in the two verses are about the same couple, but they appear to be. But to make a long story short, the female, who is once again a school girl, is being repressed and devalued by the male.

That part is easy to understand. But the lyrics get more philosophical as far as the choruses are concerned. The pre-chorus fundamentally centers on the narrator asking such abusive individuals how do they have the audacity to behave in such a manner in the first place. 

The Advice

The chorus itself in more advisory. It instructs such-minded people to make an attempt “not to abuse your power”.

Lyrics to "Your Power"

The passage goes on to read, concerning the featured relationship, that maybe the reason the male tried to “keep” the female “in a cage” is because things were changing in the relationship where he would no longer be the alpha dog. And honestly, that does sound a bit like how Eilish explained her relationship with 7:Amp as referenced earlier. 

So in an attempt to further exert his power under such circumstances, the addressee develops into some type of A-hole. So Eilish is explaining that hurting someone you may have emotional dominion over isn’t the same as truly exercising or possessing power.

All in all…

So we may owe the aforementioned romance-conspiracy theorists a slight apology on this one. Yes, Eilish did try to make the sentiment expressed comprehensive, global even. But with the allusions to age differences and the addressee being a musician and what have you, she may have called upon her own personal experience too much to have effectively accomplished that goal.

But still, at the end of the day we have to go with what the artist herself says as opposed to the analysts. And based on what she put forth, it’s like anyone in a position of “power” over another who abuses an underling – or however you want to put it – needs to chill out.

What Billie Eilish said about "Your Power"

Facts about “Your Power”

“Happier Than Ever” is the studio follow-up to Billie Eilish’s highly-celebrated 2019 debut album, “When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?”. And being made public by Interscope Records and Darkroom Records on 29 April 2021, “Your Power” is the third single from the project. The previous two, which both came out in 2020, are as follows:

Billie wrote this song alongside her regular collaborator and sibling, Finneas. Finneas also produced the track. And concerning its authoring, Eilish shed some light on it shortly after its release. According to her, it is ‘one of her favorite songs she’s ever written’. She further revealed that releasing it made her feel “vulnerable”. A sign the lyrics are personal? Very possible.

Below are Billie’s exact words:

Billie Eilish discusses "Your Power"

This track’s music video was directed by Billie, who is 19 years old at the time, herself. And this is the fourth time she has done so.

Billie first alerted fans of the forthcoming of this track on 27 April 2021.

"Your Power"

Who Is 7:AMP?

7:AMP is a professional rapper from Los Angeles. His claim to fame, at least as of the writing of this post, is that he once dated Billie Eilish. In fact Eilish even appeared on the cover of his debut album, 2019’s “Bleaupro”. However, that also happens to be the same year the two of them broke up.

Billie and 7:AMP (middle) on the the cover of “Bleaupro”.

7:AMP is a few years older than Eilish. And it doesn’t really appear as if he and Billie, the latter of whom was 16 at the time (compared to his 22), had a really serious relationship.

As of early 2021, 7:AMP enjoys a milder-celebrity standing, with approximately 60,000 Instagram followers. But of course that that doesn’t compare to Billie Eilish, who concurrently has nearly 83,000,000 subscribed fans.

Outside of Billie, 7:AMP is also known to be associated with internet celebrity/musician Bhad Bhabie.

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