“Blood Runs Red” by Matt Maeson 

The easiest way of describing the premise of “Blood Runs Red”, taking not only its lyrics but also Maeson’s explanation of it into consideration, is as the vocalist being a musician who has been overwhelmed by his own success. 

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More specifically, Matt is an artist with a notable spiritual background. And as revealed in the pre-chorus and implied in the bridge, at least some parts of this song are directly addressed to his heavenly “Father”.

So as utilized, the title theoretically reads as an affirmation that the singer is in fact human. And the reason such a confirmation, despite being blatantly obvious, is in order is because, through his success, the vocalist has lost touch with his spiritual foundations. So now, realizing such, he ‘finds himself at the altar’, seeking “the truth”. Or put more plainly, being the victim of his own hubris – believing his own press, if you will – Matt recognizes that he needs to re-establish a proper relationship with the Most High.

Lyrics to Matt Maeson's "Blood Runs Red"

Matt Maeson explains the Meaning of “Blood Runs Red”

According to Maeson, this song is simply about becoming a successful recording artist and getting entangled in “the narcissistic tendencies” success caused by so much success.

Meaning of "Blood Runs Red"

Matt Maeson

Matt Maeson is a singer from Virginia who comes from what can be termed as a rebellious Christian background. His discography dates back to 2017. Maeson doesn’t appear to have been terribly active in terms of putting out new music, only releasing one LP (2019’s “Bank on the Funeral”). However, between now and then, Maeson has experienced notable success. For instance, a number of the singles he’s dropped thus far have topped Billboard’s Alternative Airplay list.

When was “Blood Runs Red” released?

This track was released, apparently as a standalone single. It officially was launched via Atlantic Records and one of its subsidiaries, Neon Gold, on 18 May 2022.  


“Blood Runs Red” was produced and co-written by British musician James Flannigan, with the other writers being:

  • Matt Maeson
  • Joe Janiak
  • Ben Kohn
  • Pete Kelleher
  • Tom Barnes

And to note Kohn, Kelleher and Barnes are regular collaborators who are collectively known as TMS.

Blood Runs Red

2 Responses

  1. Marilyn Weimorts says:

    I was in love with this recording the first time I heard it on our local alternative radio station 92.ZEW in Mobile, AL! Yes us down south hicks listen to alternative music 🙂 Reading that Matt is reconnecting with his spiritual background and is so humble in that regard just heightens my admiration for him as an artist. Prayers for continued success ❣️

  2. Michael scherman says:

    I stream WTTS Indianapolis Bloomington to where I’m at in ohio. Thank you Matt and the rest of the band as well. Great tunes, been a fan for several yrs. Stay grounded and you will still fly.

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