“Visions (Don’t Go)” by Bebe Rexha

“Visions (Don’t Go)” is another song from “Bebe” which requires a bit of extra interpreting on the part of the listener. That is to say that it’s not abundantly clear if the “visions” which the vocalist is having are those of the addressee, her significant other, cheating. Or it may be, as sorta implied in the second verse, that the title rather refers to her fantasy that the two of them were a happier couple.

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In any event, what’s going down here apparently is something along the lines of Rexha’s boyfriend cheating on her, i.e. engaging in some untruthful activity which is causing the vocalist considerable inner turmoil. 

On one hand, it reads as if she wants him to come clean, if for no other reason than for the sake of his own integrity and that of the relationship. But at the same time, the pre-chorus indicates that she’s reluctant to face the truth.

All of that said, as shown via the song’s subtitle, Bebe does not want to break-up. The character she’s portraying appears as if she’s willing to stay with the addressee whether he continues to cheat or not, despite the fact that if he does, she will also continue to suffer emotionally.

This is in contrast to Rexha’s disposition in songs like “Call on Me” and “Miracle Man“, which are found on the same album and are rather premised on her intolerance towards a toxic or less-than-ideal partner. 

But the sentiment expressed in Visions is similar to that of another track found on the LP, “When It Rains“, in that in both cases Bebe comes off as if the main thing keeping her committed to the addressee, despite his untruthfulness, is gratifying sex.

“Baby, please, baby, please, baby, please don’t go (Go, go)
Stay with me, stay with me ’cause I need you close (Close, close)
Every second you’re gone, my whole world turns cold (Cold, cold)
Baby, please, baby, please, baby, please don’t go (Go)”

More specifically in this case, it seems as if her sweetheart’s extramarital activities, if you will, are also contributing to him being regularly absent. And that is more directly why the vocalist is pleading with him not to go, as “every second” that he’s not around is akin to an agonizing experience for her.


“Visions (Don’t Go)” is one of the 12 tracks found on the playlist of “Bebe”, as the album was made public through Warner Records on 28 April 2023. 

Behind the scenes, this project features contributions from a number of notable studio-based musicians.  For instance in this case, the track was produced by the hitmaking team of TMS, with its individual members – Pete Kelleher, Ben Kohn and Tom Barnes – also being granted writing credit. 

Other authors of this song are Sean Douglas, Casey Smith and Bebe Rexha, the latter being a singer/songwriter from NYC whose successful discography dates back to 2012.

Visions (Don't Go)

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