Lewis Capaldi’s “Any Kind Of Life” Meaning

Lewis Capaldi’s “Any Kind of Life” is a breakup song or more specifically one of those types where the vocalist is in his feelings as his romance with the addressee is on the verge of total dissolution. As to be expected in such cases, the singer desires to hash things out, as he can’t perceive “any kind of life” without his significant other by his side. 

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Thus, the second verse especially centers on his desire to mend this troubled relationship. But the conclusive sentiment is along the vein of Lewis feeling as if such an effort is indeed a lost cause, and him being in deep emotional pain accordingly.

“Well, my lungs don’t breathe
And my heart don’t beat
And I can’t believe in any kind of life without you here”

Lewis then proceeds with the following:

“And I can’t move on
‘Cause it feels so wrong
No, I just don’t want any kind of life without you, dear”

The Writer’s Opinion about “Any Kind of Life”

Personally, I think “Any Kind of Life” is, by far, the best track on the entire “Broken By Desire To Be Heavenly Sent” album. In fact, I would go as far as saying it’s one of the top five songs from Lewis’ entire discography and even one of the best songs of this entire decade.

It’s a true masterpiece, a testament to the incredible talent of its composers Plested, Pete Kelleher, Ben Kohn, Tom Barnes, and of course, Lewis himself. Their collective efforts have created something truly remarkable, a song that has touched my soul in ways I can’t fully articulate.

The lines, “Well, my lungs don’t breathe” and “And my heart don’t beat,” delve deep into the depths of emotions, capturing pure pain, raw passion, and an undeniable sense of talent. But it’s not just those aspects that make this song exceptional for me; it’s also Lewis’ voice. His vocals are true and pure, carrying the weight of the lyrics.

Your Opinions and Comments

James from Chelsea says:

“You can feel the emotions pouring out with every note, and it’s absolutely captivating. For this reason, this song has become a powerful presence in my life – a constant companion that I find myself turning to when I need solace or when I simply want to be moved by the beauty of music.”

Ellie Fergusson from Chicago says:

“Two significant things happened in my life on May 19, 2023. On the said day Lewis Capaldi, my favorite artist released ‘Any Kind Of Life’. On that same day my world shattered as my husband handed me papers to sign for a divorce.

The pain of losing a significant part of myself as well as my home was indescribable. In the midst of this heartbreak, the only place I could find solace was in a song that seemed to mirror my emotions perfectly. Despite the song triggering memories and tears, I turned to it for comfort and understanding.

Lewis’ ability to connect with his own emotions and translate them into music is remarkable. It was as if he captured my feelings word for word, filling the void created by the loss of my marriage. The song’s melodies are bittersweet, a refuge and a torture, allowing me to confront my grief head-on. Lewis’ voice, true and pure, beautifully carried the weight of the lyrics, leaving an indelible impact on my heart.”

Karen Blunt from Sydney says:

“Lewis’ ‘Any Kind Of Life’ happens to be my second favorite song listed on his ‘Broken By Desire To Be Heavenly Sent’ album. However, my favorite song from that album remains ‘The Pretender’. I discovered that Plested, my favorite English singer and songwriter, contributed to the composition of both tracks. When two powerful artists like Lewis and Plested are part of a team working on a project, the outcome is often excellent. This song plays a significant role in filling the voids in our hearts caused by life’s hardships. I am immensely grateful for the incredible song they have gifted us.”

Pat from Hamburg says:

“‘Any Kind Of Life’ brings back memories of my dear friend Carl, who endured a challenging upbringing. We resided in the same neighborhood and our friendship grew really fast. We shared countless experiences together, but as time passed, I witnessed Carl gradually slipping away.

Despite my sincere efforts to assist him, the situation seemed increasingly bleak. It was heartbreaking to witness his transformation from a remarkable and vibrant young boy into a mere shell of his former self. In an instant, he was gone, succumbing to a substance overdose.

Since then, my world has never been the same. I have experienced the loss of numerous loved ones, including my father, to substance-related tragedies. I’ve had Carl in my life for 17 years. Now I find myself grappling with the daunting task of navigating life without him. Carl, I’m finding it hard to move on ‘cause I’m in no kind of frame of mind to let you go’“.

Any Kind Of Life

Release Date of “Any Kind of Life”

“Any Kind of Life” can be found on Capaldi’s second studio album which goes by the title “Broken by Desire to Be Heavenly Sent”. The song was released with the album on 19th May, 2023.

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