“Me, Myself & I” by G-Eazy and Bebe Rexha

There was a time when G-Eazy, who hails from Oakland, was arguably considered to be the most-promising White rapper in the game. That was circa the mid-to-late 2010s, when he was involved in a number of hits that scored platinum or better. One of the most-successful of the lot is “Me, Myself & I”, a song he co-headlines alongside Bebe Rexha, a native of NYC.

Around that same time, Rexha, a pop singer, also reached the height of her success as far as her current discography goes. Since the onset of the 2020s, neither of them have performed particularly well as compared to the decade prior, though Eazy did drop a RIAA platinum hit in 2020 with “Still Be Friends”, his collaboration with Tyga and Tory Lanez. 

Bebe accomplished the same as recently as 2022 via “I’m Good (Blue)“, which co-stars David Guetta.


That said, “Me, Myself & I” was a major hit. For starters, this song charted in about 25 countries and in the artists’ homeland topped Billboard’s Rhythmic and Mainstream Top 40 charts. 

It has also been certified in over 15 nations, thus far achieving multi-platinum status in about 10 of them. This includes the track being certified RIAA septuple-platinum in 2021, meaning that it has sold at least 7,000,000 copies in the US alone. 

So this track can be considered the biggest hit in G-Eazy’s entire catalog to date and the second-biggest as far as Rexha’s is concerned (with the first being her 2017 collaboration with Florida Georgia Line titled “Meant to Be“).


Michael Keenan is credited as the sole producer of this song, and he also wrote it alongside these writers:

  • G-Eazy
  • Bebe Rexha
  • Christoph Andersson
  • TMS (Tom Barnes, Pete Kelleher and Ben Kohn)
  • Lauren Christy

Meanwhile, the labels that backed its issuance as the lead single from Eazy’s album “When It’s Dark Out” are:

  • RCA Records
  • The Revels Group
  • The Blueprint Group


Amongst the notable appearances this song has made is as part of the soundtrack to the popular sports game NBA2K17

Also in 2016, G-Eazy performed it at the MTV VMAs alongside permanent A list singer Britney Spears.


As the story goes this song originally belonged to Rexha who also, at first, had a hand in producing it. It’s working title was actually “I Don’t Need Anything”. The intent was obviously for it to be featured on “Expectations”, her debut LP, which did eventually come out in 2018. 

However, Rexha’s people felt that the song was a proper fit for that project. Moreover, she wanted to drop a track with G-Eazy. So that is how we “Me, Myself & I” came to be as we know it.


It’s safe to presume that being rich and famous, like G-Eazy and Bebe Rexha, is something we’ve all fantasized about at one time or another. But according to Eazy in his explanation of this song, the downside to actually enjoying that type of lifestyle is that there’s no way to turn it off. 

Or as he inferred, there’s no time of the day when you’re actually able to turn your celebrity off. Instead, people would always be expecting something from you. And as further elaborated by G, this can cause depression and a strong need to seek out some me-time.


The chorus, which opens the song, isn’t necessarily based on above sentiment or at least isn’t at first reading. Instead, Bebe goes about presenting herself as someone “don’t need a hand to hold” and is down to ‘solo ride until she dies’. 

Relayed differently, she comes off as being the fiercely independent type, asserting that she’s fully capable of doing her thing on her own.

“Ooh, it’s just me, myself and I
Solo ride until I die
‘Cause I got me for life (Yeah)
Ooh, I don’t need a hand to hold
Even when the night is cold
I got that fire in my soul (Ah)”

In the first verse, G-Eazy does a better job of sticking to his explanation as noted above. He depicts himself as someone who is successful yet at the same time has a strong need for privacy. But as far as the vocalist’s success goes, it can be ascertained that more to the point of this passage is G taking on a braggadocious slant. 

In other words, he may need his space alright. But in the process of acknowledging that, he drops just as many allusions to being rich.

In the post-chorus that eventually follows, Rexha clarifies that she is not as independent per se as let on earlier. Well, she may not need another person in her life. But what does alternatively ‘make her satisfied’ is music. 

So all things considered, that’s another way of putting forth that when she decides to seclude herself, Bebe does so while presumably enjoying her favorite tunes.


The second verse is also a bit more specific, in terms of G-Eazy’s disposition. Here, he reiterates that, as touched upon in the first verse, what he’s really adverse to is the likes of strangers. This doesn’t mean that he’s antisocial but rather, as noted earlier, on alert against “fake friends”. 

And yes, we have to presume that given his standing, being confronted by associates with ulterior motives is perhaps something Eazy has to deal with on the regular.

However, before closing the verve out, he does forthrightly state what can actually be taken as the thesis sentiment of his lyrics, which is that he enjoys being a celebrity nonetheless. 

Or put otherwise, the negative effects of his stardom are more than mitigated by the wealth he is amassing and the enjoyment he derives thereof. Indeed, the third verse is a bit different in that the vocalist uses the opportunity to harp back to the past. Reading in between the lines, what can be put forth is that he’s become the way he is, i.e. more money-focused than interested in socializing, due to coming from an impoverished background.

So now getting to the end of the song, it also becomes clearer what Bebe means in the chorus when she sings that she “got that fire in (her) soul”. That is to say that said “fire” would likely be akin to the career ambition that she and her co-vocalist possess.


The likes of G-Eazy and Bebe Rexha may need more “me, myself and I” time than the rest of us due to the fact that they’re famous. But at the same time, they’re profession also provides them ample relief that us commoners may not be able to afford. 

For instance, since they are professional musicians, they may find more solace in music – though honestly many, if not most of us, also enjoy such in private. But being music stars also grants them a privilege which is a lot less common, which is being rich. And from G-Eazy’s perspective in particular, that more than makes up with having to regularly deal with the prospect of questionable people coming up in his face.

Me, Myself & I

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