“Love The Hell Out Of You” by Lewis Capaldi

The way this situation in “Love The Hell Out Of You” reads is, first of all, as being romantic in nature.  Secondly, the thesis sentiment revolves around the vocalist reasserting his dedication to the addressee, at a time when the latter is apparently feeling down or depressed. 

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And Lewis Capaldi isn’t doing so simply because he’s in love. But also, as strongly implied in the second verse, when the situation was reversed and he was the one who needed a shoulder to lean on, she was there. Or as relayed in the chorus, he’s “gonna love the hell out of” her, because she “always loved the hell out of” him.  And the usage of the word “hell” also appears to have a symbolic significance, pointing to these primarily being inner struggles, i.e. their own “demons” and “monsters” which the parties had to respectively contend with, though with loving support, in their times of weakness.

“I’m gonna love the hell out of you
Take all the pain that you’re going through
I’ll bring you heaven if that’s what you need
‘Cause you’ve always loved the hell out of me”

Stories and Comments connected to “Love The Hell Out of You”

Oswald from California says:

“For some time my wife’s smile gradually faded away and her laughter became a distant memory, I longed for her happiness to return. Her eyes, once filled with joy, were now welled up with tears she struggled to hold back. Despite her claims of being ‘fine’, I couldn’t shake off the feeling that something was wrong.

However, this morning, we listened to music in the living room as we sat on a couch, by chance Lewis’ ‘Love The Hell Out Of You’ started playing. The moment the song ended, she decided to open up to me, confessing that she had been at the hospital and had to battle with the fact that the doctors didn’t rule out the possibility of her suffering from cancer. It was an emotional moment for us, with our eyes filled with tears.

Yet, it was in that very moment that she realized she no longer had to face this battle alone. I reassured her that I would stand right beside her as we took every step together. And I could literally feel a huge weight off her shoulders. All that we have experienced in the past couple of weeks has made me appreciate the power of music even more. It’s amazing how a single song can have such an impact on us. I firmly believe that no matter what obstacles we encounter in the days to come, we will overcome them together and emerge stronger.”

Eleanor from Liverpool says:

“This song conveys a powerful message of unwavering love and support for someone like me who is going through challenging times. It acknowledges the presence of personal struggles and highlights a deep understanding of the pain I am currently enduring. It also has a commitment to stand by my side as I try to sail through.

The chorus emphasizes the song’s intention to alleviate my pain and provide comfort. It speaks of a willingness to go to great lengths, even bringing heaven into my life if necessary. The song reflects on the temporary nature of difficult moments and reminds me that my feelings of incompleteness will pass. It acknowledges the role fear plays in hindering personal growth and inner strength. It makes me feel I will always be loved deeply. Overall, the lyrics depict a message of love, empathy, and strength during difficult times.”

Moore from Melbourne says:

“As a marriage counselor, in my line of work, I often recommend to couples, songs or movies that can enhance their relationships. Recently, I came across  Lewis’ ‘Love The Hell Out Of You’, which has proven to be an inspiration for troubled couples. The song stresses on the importance of a committed bond between couples. It acknowledges shared struggles and fosters mutual understanding. It emphasizes the significance of supporting one another and standing united through any challenge that may arise.

The lyrics highlight the act of shouldering each other’s pain, providing solace and healing. Expressing gratitude for the stability and grounding provided by each partner is crucial. Recognizing that challenges are temporary and directing efforts towards the growth of the marriage becomes essential. Love serves as the foundation, with an unwavering commitment to love deeply, empathize with each other’s pain, and reciprocate the love given. Ultimately, Lewis’ song encapsulates the profound connection and enduring love that can be nurtured within any marriage.”

Love The Hell Out Of You

When was “Love The Hell Out of You” released?

On 19th of May, 2023, this song was released as part of Lewis Capaldi’s “Broken by Desire to Be Heavenly Sent” album. This album, which was backed by the following labels, happens to be second studio album of Lewis’ career:

  • Vertigo Records
  • Universal Music Group
  • Capitol Records

Did Lewis Capaldi write “Love The Hell Out of You”?

Yes. He however, didn’t compose it alone. In writing this song, he received writing assistance from other writers, including:

  • Ben Kohn
  • Tom Barnes
  • Pete Kelleher
  • Plested
  • Michael Pollack

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