“Blur” by MØ (featuring Foster the People)

“Blur” is the title given to a 2018 single by Danish singer and songwriter, MØ. The track also features the American indie pop group Foster the People. The theme of inescapable frustration and sadness is rife throughout the song’s lyrics.

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for MØ's Blur at Lyrics.org.

Shortly after this gloomy track came out, MØ took to Instagram to throw some light on it. According to her post, she wrote the song in Los Angeles, California around a time when her life was filled with frustration and stress. And what was the cause of her stress and frustration? Lack of creativity! During her stay in Los Angeles, she expected her creativity to peak. However, she constantly found herself feeling creatively lost.

Below are the precise words of MØ she shared with the world via her personal Instagram Stories:

MØ on the song "Blur"

Instead of typing the statement above, MØ chose to use a pen to write it. So what you see in the picture above is MØ’s handwriting.

Lyrics of "Blur"


Facts about “Blur”

  • This isn’t the original version of the song. It is a remix. The real version featured only MØ. Also that version came out in October 2018. However, this version was released on November 30, 2018.
  • MØ and Mark Foster of Foster the People co-wrote this track with three others. These songwriters are: Albin Nedler, BONN and STINT. FYI Foster didn’t co-write the original song.
  • All three songwriters that co-wrote this track with MØ and Foster, produced it.

Is this MØ’s first collaboration with Foster the People?

Yes. This is the first time MØ is working with this American indie band.

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