“Imagination” by Foster the People

Foster the People’s “Imagination” is a track that is founded on Mark Foster’s deep, personal philosophies concerning the subject of imagination. And what that frame of thought ultimately boils down to is the idea that we can use our minds to transport us to realities which do not actually exist, as in a mental escape from what we are actually going through.

With that in mind, the first verse of this song and the choruses especially seem to be based on the singer (again Mark Foster) entertaining a potential or perhaps even past romantic partner. And apparently he is much closer to this person in his imagination than he is in real life. That may be why, in regards to the meaning of this song, he stated: “we can fall in love with a stranger… forming a complete history and future with a person we’ve never spoken to.”

But there is also a particular line in the pre-chorus which may point to them having already been together and perhaps breaking up. But whether this is an old flame or a new love, apparently she is not currently in Foster’s embrace. So he is using his imagination to wish the two of them together and is basically entreating her to do the same.

However, as mentioned earlier, the overall theme appears to be something along the lines of the singer espousing positivity thinking as a form of entertainment. For instance, even if an individual should find himself in the “cold”, “it’s summer somewhere” that he or she can take himself to mentally. And this statement itself reads as if it is more symbolic than actual, as in a person can overcome a gloomy disposition through the utilization of positive imagination. But in bringing the track home on a personal note, he also lets a significant other know that he is using his imagination specifically to fantasize about her and her alone.

Lyrics of "Imagination"

Release Date of “Imagination”

Foster the People announced the release of this track via Twitter on 17 June 2019. Subsequently, Columbia Records officially released it a few days later, on 21 June 2019.

Writers and Producers

Mark Foster co-produced and co-wrote this song with Oligee and Josh Abraham. Additional writers are Sarah Aarons and Josh Abraham.

On which Foster the People album does “Imagination” appear?

At the time of this track’s release it is anticipated that this song will be featured on the fourth studio album of the band. However, such has yet to be officially confirmed.

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