“Pick U Up” by Foster the People

Foster the People’s “Pick U Up” is a song in which the singer, Mark Foster, is dealing with the topics of women and in relation to his celebrity.  He basically acknowledges that certain ladies who are out looking to hook up with a famous guy have hollered at him. And he’s definitely interested in some of them, indeed one in particular who is the addressee of this song. 

In fact his interest obviously supersedes mere infatuation, as throughout the song he is trying to ascertain whether or not this lady truly loves him. But that being said, he’s also so smitten that he’s down for a fling, if such is what she ultimately desires. And that, folks, is where the title of this song comes from, which is his willingness to ‘pick her up’. And by that, he is talking about taking her out on a date and touring “the city of angels”, better known as Los Angeles. 

So all of that being said, this song seems to be based on a story line where Mark has fallen for a groupie – for lack of a better word – and wants to know two things. Is she just as serious about him as he is about her? Or is she just someone tantamount to a gold digger?

"Pick U Up" lyrics

Writing Credits for “Pick U Up”

Mark Foster both wrote and produced this song alongside Joel Little. Songwriter Sarah Aarons also assisted them with the lyrical composition.

Little is a record producer and songwriter from New Zealand. This track marked his first ever collabo with Foster the People. However, over the years, he has collaborated with many an artist on many a hit song. Some of the famous songs he has worked on include:

  • Khalid’s “Young Dumb & Broke
  • Lorde’s “Royals”
  • Imagine Dragons’ “Whatever It Takes”
  • Shawn Mendes’ “Youth

Sarah Aarons, on the other hand, worked with Foster the People before. She helped the band pen their earlier single “Imagination“.

Release Date

Foster the People released “Pick U Up” through Columbia Records. It came out as a standalone single on 6 September 2019.

On which Foster the People album does “Pick U Up” appear?

The song is actually the fourth single Foster the People released from their fourth studio album. The first three singles from that album are as follows:

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