Meaning of “Sit Next to Me” by Foster the People

“Sit Next to Me” is a song by the indie pop band from Los Angeles, California called Foster the People. The lyrics of this track see the band’s lead singer Mark Foster reaching out to a girl (apparently a former lover) and trying to ensure that they remain friends despite the fact that their romantic relationship has come to an end.

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But are the lyrics of “Sit Next to Me” based on a real event in Mark Foster’s life?

Speaking with Rolling Stone magazine, Foster said during the recording process in Los Angeles, he spent a great deal of his time in bars until he began getting tired of the cosmetic nature of the scene. According to him, everyone he met at these bars tried to “look cool, say the right thing and be at the center of the universe”. He said the whole scene felt more “like a fashion show” to him to the point where he felt alone despite the fact that he was in a room full of people. He told Rolling Stone that during such times, all his heart desired was for someone real to come into the bar and sit next to him. It is this desire of someone real sitting next to him that inspired the song’s title – “Sit Next to Me”.

Lyrics of "Sit Next to Me" by Foster the People

Facts about “Sit Next to Me”

  • The band’s frontman Mark Foster penned this song with 4 other songwriters, including famed American music executive and record producer Josh Abraham. Over the years, Abraham has made a name for himself producing and co-writing songs for many famous artists, including Pink, Shakira, Linkin Park and Kelly Clarkson. The three other songwriters are: Lars Stalfors, Oliver Goldstein and Johnny Newman.
  • Foster produced this track along with a number of producers, including his bandmate Isom Innis.
  • The track came out on July 13, 2017 as the third single from the band’s third studio album Sacred Hearts Club. However, it took several months before it became a hit. In other words, the song was a sleeper hit. Speaking with Rolling Stone, Foster said of the song as one which in order to enjoy and like, you’d have to listen to it “multiple times”.
  • The song’s official music video, which came out on November 10, 2017, was directed by Brinton Bryan along with Fourclops.
  • On the US Billboard Hot 100, the track peaked at number 42. This track is the band’s second most successful single on the Hot 100. The band’s most successful single on this chart was their 2010 hit debut single “Pumped Up Kicks“, which reached the number 3 spot.


What musical genre is “Sit Next to Me”?

This track can be put in the same category as indie pop, funk and neo-psychedelia.

Does this track make use of samples?



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