“Worst Nites” by Foster the People

“Worst Nites” is a 2018 single recorded and performed by the American indie pop band Foster the People. The lyrics of this track mainly talk about the highs and lows of life in the city of Los Angeles, California. FYI: Los Angeles is the city where the band hails from. So to a certain degree, the lyrics can be said to be an ode to this city in question.

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Foster the People's Worst Nites at Lyrics.org.


Quick Facts about “Worst Nites”

  • Mark Foster (frontman of Foster the People) co-penned this song with a number of writers, including Ryan Tedder. Tedder is best known for being the lead singer of OneRepublic.
  • The others who contributed to the writing of “Worst Nites” are Tom Schleiter and Garrett Clark Borns (best known by the name Børns).
  • Renowned indie music producer Tommy English produced this track.
  • ‘Worst Nites” was released by Columbia Records on November 6, 2018. It was the band’s first release of 2018 as lead artist. The last single Foster the People released prior to this current one was “Sit Next to Me“. That single came out with in 2017.

Is this the first time Ryan Tedder is working with Foster the People?

No, it isn’t. Tedder has worked with the band in the past. For example, he co-wrote their 2017 song “Doing it for the Money”. In addition to co-writing that song, he also sung the backing vocals on it.

Did Foster the People shoot a music video for “Worst Nites”?

Yes, they did. You can view the video below:


Does “Worst Nites” appear on the album Sacred Hearts Club?

No. Sacred Hearts Club was released in 2017 as Foster the People’s third studio album. “Worst Nites” would appear on the band’s fourth studio album.

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