“Break My Heart Myself” by Bebe Rexha (ft. Travis Barker)

In 2019, Bebe Rexha was unfortunately diagnosed with a mental condition known as bipolar disorder. However being the artist/person that she is, she didn’t opt to accept such as something to be ashamed of. Rather Rexha has decided to publicly confront it head on, with “Break My Heart Myself” being part of said effort.

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So even though she doesn’t actually mention bipolar disorder by name, she begins the song by alluding to the fact that she does suffer from this disease. For instance, the singer notes that she has been prescribed a healthy dosage of Klonopin, which is actually a tranquilizer. 

And her mom feels bad about her condition. But that said, as you probably already know bipolar disorder is a somewhat common sickness amongst Americans. In fact, as Bebe notes in a roundabout way, some “5.7” million of her countrymen are likewise stricken with the illness.

I Can “Break My Heart Myself”

Now in terms of what bipolar disorder actually does, on top of causing serious mood swings it also tends to depress its victims. And it seems to be that latter aspect which the vocalist is harping on in the title and chorus. In other words, she is not in need of anyone to make her sad. Rather, being that she is a victim of the aforementioned affliction, she is fully capable of depressing herself, even without any external prompting. 

Or as Rexha poetically puts it, she possesses the ability to ‘break her own heart’. And apparently, considering that her doctor has actually ‘upped the dosage’ of the aforementioned drug, this is something she does quite regularly.

Also the second verse illustrates that even though she can be “really well” one moment, the next she may find herself descending “into a manic hell”. Indeed in the bridge, she even acknowledges the related prospect that maybe one day she would be compelled to commit suicide. And again, the thesis sentiment of track is that she is in fact “sick”.

But still, there is a sliver of hope as presented in the pre-chorus. Or put differently, she is fighting to remain balanced throughout this harrowing ordeal. And all things considered we can say she is winning the battle – for instance being able to some degree make light of the situation. And to note, she is also simultaneously engaged in mental-health awareness activities.

Lyrics for "Break My Heart Myself"
Bebe Rexha explains "Break My Heart Myself"

Facts about “Break My Heart Myself”

This is the opening track of “Better Mistakes”, which is Bebe Rexha’s second full-length album. Originally it was slated to serve as the lead single from the project. But as of the album’s official release date of 7 May 2021, via Warner Records, it has not been one of the four singles thus far released. Rather those would be the following:

  • Baby, I’m Jealous” (featuring Doja Cat)
  • “Sacrifice”
  • “Sabotage”
  • “Die for Man” (ft. Lil Uzi Vert)

The first of the four singles came out in 2020 and the latter three in 2021.

Bebe Rexha is actually a singer from New York City. And concerning her unique last name, both of her parents are from Albania. She has been professionally active since 2010, though not necessarily heavily so. For instance, her first full-length, “Expectations”, did not come out until 2018. 

However, she has dropped quite a few very commercially-successful songs, with many of her biggest hits being collaborations. For instance, her 2017 track “Meant to Be“, alongside Florida Georgia Line, has been certified diamond by the RIAA, meaning that it has sold in excess of 10,000,000 copies stateside. Additionally as of early 2021, its music video has attracted nearly a billion YouTube views.

“Break My Heart Myself” features Travis Barker. Travis is a musician who established himself as a member of a long-standing rock act known as Blink-182. Barker, being primarily a drummer by profession, is one of the most prolific collaborators of the modern musical era. And this is the first time he has dropped a track with Bebe Rexha.

One of the co-writers of this song, Justin Tranter, is also very widespread in the music industry. And his fellow co-authors are Bebe Rexha and Jussifer.

Jussifer also produced the track with Mike Elizondo. Some readers would recognize that latter name as being a regular collaborator of Eminem, 50 Cent and Dr. Dre’s back in the day. And it appears that as of late he is diversifying his clientele.

As of the release of this track, Bebe Rexha is 31 years old.

Break My Heart Myself

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