“Amore” by Bebe Rexha (ft. Rick Ross)

Amore, as you probably already know, is how you say the word love in Italian. And basically the two vocalists at hand serve two different purposes in the song. Bebe Rexha illustrates what true love actually entails under her estimation. And the Boss presents himself as someone who can live up to at least one of those expectations in particular.

Simply put, Rexha has two requirements. And all lyrics considered, first and foremost would be a romantic interest’s ability to spread her out. And what does this mean? What it means is that the person must not only be paid but also possess the willingness to spend a considerable amount of racks on making the vocalist happy. For instance, Bebe asserts that she “need(s) diamonds the size of an island”. And of course that is an allegorical statement. But at the end of the day, as Kanye would say, she definitely “ain’t messing with no broke n*g*as”.

And secondly, an amorous partner must be able to love her properly in a physical fashion. That is to say, on top of him being physically attractive, the female vocalist is also looking forward to his ability to effectively kiss her for instance. So if you too, dear reader, fit the description of being rich, sexy and ready to apply both of those attributes onto Bebe, then you also fit the criteria of the type of guy she could fall in love with.

Rick Ross

And anyone familiar with the artistry of Rick Ross knows that his paper isn’t lacking. Verily, that is what he focuses on in his verse – his readiness and willingness to make a romantic interest feel like a queen. Or put otherwise, he has a lot of money and has no qualms at all in terms of spending healthy dosages of it on the apple of his eye. 

And in expressing this idea, he mocks the “simple n*g*as” whom this type of lady wouldn’t even give the time of day. And as inferred, the female vocalist is one of those types. So Rozay, as the male protagonist, is buttressing the narrative, illustrating in the flesh that such well-paid guys who enjoy spending gorbs of mula on their significant other do in fact exist.

So fundamentally, this is a celebration of materialistic love. Dealing with such individuals as these vocalists implies that if you’re a male you’re going to be spending lots of cash, and if you’re a female you’d be the recipient of the luxuries that the male doing so affords.

"Amore" Lyrics

Facts about “Amore”

This track is from the lead vocalist’s second full-length project, which is entitled “Better Mistakes”. This is an album which Bebe Rexha has stated that she’s been “sitting on” for going on three years. Its issuance, which did eventually occur on 7 May 2021, was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This track has more songwriters than any of the other tunes listed on “Better Mistakes”. In addition to Bebe and Rick Rozay himself, we also have the following:

  • Nate Cyphert
  • Michael Pollack
  • Jack Brooks
  • Harry Warren
  • Joe Khajadourian
  • Alex Schwartz

And for the record this is the first time Rick Ross, one of the most-successful rappers of the early 21st century, has teamed up with Bebe Rexha, a singer from NYC.

Additionally, it was also The Futuristics (Joe Khajadourian and Alex Schwartz) who served as the producers of this track.

This song samples the late Dean Martin’s (1917-1995) 1953 piece “That’s Amore”. And as far as why Bebe Rexha chose to interpolate that old school song, one of the most classic in American history, that is because she actually grew up listening to it. And such is due to the fact that, according to the songstress, it is her “dad’s number one favorite song of all time”.

Bebe Rexha discusses "Amore"

More Interesting Facts

In terms of who Bebe is actually dating at the moment, that would be some dude named Keyan Safyari. And we don’t know if he’s actually rich enough to afford her the diamonds she expressly desires. However, he definitely isn’t poor. He is a Hollywood-connected filmographer with an estimated net worth of about $1 million.


Meanwhile the consensus seems to be that Bebe own personal wealth is somewhere in there region of $5 million. So she is actually richer than her current beau. And such is understandable considering that she is concurrently one of the more popular American female vocalists in the music industry.

And as for the Boss himself, his net worth currently falls somewhere between the $30 and $40 million range, making him one of the richest rappers in the game. And Ross, being shall we say a well-known womanizer, doesn’t seem to have a singular girlfriend at the time. However, the closest he’s come to being married thus far was to a model named Lira Galore back in 2015.

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