“On The Go” by Bebe Rexha (ft. Pink Sweat$ & Lunay)

According to Bebe Rexha, the sentiment which serves as the main basis of this track’s narrative would be based on her relationship with Keyan Safyari, who she just began dating fresh in 2020. And said sentiment would be one of remorse due to always being “on the go”, i.e. an individual so preoccupied with other things that she doesn’t have ample time to dedicate to her significant other.

But truth be told, it isn’t necessarily easy for listeners to come to that conclusion via Pink Sweats’ first verse. Instead his lamentations read more like he’s moaning about being with someone who for whatever reason he cannot spend time with. And yes, such a notion is related to the premise as explained above. 

However, we would argue that, at least at this point, that correlation is not clearly made, though he does kinda imply near the end of the passage that his predicament may be due to being compelled to spend time “on the block”, hustling.

Main Theme of “On The Go”

But by the time the second chorus rolls around though, Bebe Rexha makes it clearer what this song is about. The addressee is someone that she “wants to love”. However, she cannot do so due to being “on the go”. And it is further implied that what the titular statement actually means is that she’s simply too busy to focus on the addressee as much as she would like to.

And her solo verse serves a better function in getting that point across than Pink Sweats’ did. For example, we are able to bear witness to the fact that the vocalist is resorting the alcohol in order to “numb the pain” of not being with the addressee. Also she expresses fear that he may leave her as a result. 

Yet and still, she remains powerless in terms of actually rectifying this situation. So for the time being she is finding relief, if you will, by ‘burying all her thoughts in this song’.

Lunay takes over in Spanish

Meanwhile, Lunay relays his verse in his native tongue of Spanish. His is lengthier than either Pink Sweats or Bebe Rexha’s. However, we would venture to say that, as translated by Google, it is not the easiest to understand when converted into English. But still, we know what the song is about in general. 

And with that in mind, it appears that Lunay is in the same romantic predicament as his co-vocalists. However, his verse is different in that it appears to be more sexual and materialistic. In the latter regard, he presents himself as someone who is not with his lover because he is flying about here and there, making stacks. And in the former, it seems that the aspect of his absence which really has his partner peeved is she being unable to enjoy bedroom fun at his hands as much as she would like to.

In Conclusion

So what we are dealing with here are three individuals who have decided, at least at this point in their lives, that making money trumps romantic concerns. However, operating in such a disposition is made more difficult due to the fact that they have significant others in their lives, who also happen to be the respective addressees. 

So in a way, it can be said that they are apologizing to these individuals, as they have opted not to be around in a manner which is more conducive to the upkeep of the relationship.

"On The Go" Lyrics
Bebe Rexha explains "On The Go"

Pink Sweat$ & Lunay

The two featured vocalists on this song may be individuals you never heard of up until this point. First is a hip-hop influenced singer/songwriter from Philly who goes by the tag name of Pink Sweat$. Having been professionally active since 2018, he’s had a couple of hit thus far with the tracks “Honesty” (2018) and “At My Worst” (2020). 

And yes, it does appear that his trademark is wearing various articles of clothing which are in fact pink in color. Moreover, his participation on this track is apparently due to Bebe Rexha being a fan of his sound.

And Lunay is a singer hailing from a part of Puerto Rico known as Corozal. And as with many other popular Puerto Rican artists of the day, he specializes in a genre known as reggaeton. Overall he’s also had a few more tracks that have caught on with the public than Sweats. One of his most notable works is his 2019 collaboration with fellow Puerto Ricans Bad Bunny and Daddy Yankee, both of whom are musical superstars. The work in question is the song entitled Soltara (Remix).

Bebe Rexha

Meanwhile Bebe Rexha, coming to us via Staten Island, NY, is in her own way still making a name for herself also. Yes, she did drop her first single, “I Can’t Stop Drinking About You”, in 2014 – four years prior to either Pink Sweats or Lunay. But “On the Go” is a product of what is only her second studio album, a project which Warner Records released under the name “Better Mistakes” in May of 2021.

“On The Go” is a Bilingual Song

As a result of the presence of Lunay, this song is bilingual, with his verse actually being in Spanish and the rest in English.

Who is Keyan Safyari?

And concerning the aforementioned Keyan Safyari, he is someone whom Bebe Rexha apparently started dating sometime around early 2020. So as of the release of this track, they would have been together for about a year now. 

He is actually a filmographer by profession, and some of the projects he has worked on include the 2020 Primetime Emmy Awards and Mariah Carey’s Magical Christmas Special, which was also filmed that same year.

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