“My Dear Love” by Bebe Rexha (ft. Ty Dolla $ign & Trevor Daniel)

With the full sentimental title of this track (“My Dear Love”), as illustrated in the chorus, being “you got it all f**ked, my dear love”, this is an anti-friendship song. 

Well, actually terming it as such is a bit harsh, for what Bebe Rexha and her featured vocalists are actually against is grimy friends, the toxic types that would hold you back if you so let them. And they go about their own respective ways in expressing this idea.

Bebe is the type who goes through life with no friends actually. The stated reason is that the ones she’s had in the past tend to ‘slow her down’, as in proving themselves to be hindrances to progress. This counters what she put forth on other Better Mistakes tracks, such as “Sabotage“, where the songstress rather presents herself as someone who regularly messes up her own relationships. But still we feel you, Rexha. 

And according to the songstress, what she is singing about is based on the real-life fact that she has “(gone) through some rough stuff” not only professionally but also with her personal friends.

Bebe Rexha explains "My Dear Love"

Ty Dolla $ign

Meanwhile, Ty Dolla $ign puts his verse more into an advisory and semi-romantic context. For instance, he makes sure to hold on tight to his “good [and] old friends”. Along those same lines, he also gives a roundabout shoutout to the homeys he progressed in life with (i.e. became rich with). But when some buddies do get out of line, Dolla also metaphorically alludes to the notion of dealing with them in a most-violent manner, as rappers tend to express. 

And as far as the romantic undertone he also takes a common-rap artist stance by admonishing the audience to “never trust a b*tch”. Or as he puts it, they can prove to be just as untrustworthy as their male counterparts.

Trevor Daniel

Then it’s Trevor Daniel who holds down the bridge. And what he is saying to his addressee, who reads as if it may be a romantic interest, is that he doesn’t want this person back into his life. He presents this individual as someone who mistook his kindness for weakness. 

Also, even after doing him dirty she is too prideful to even apologize. And he is also convinced that if he does let her back in, he would verily regret it. So basically, what he is telling her indirectly is to leave him alone already.

What “My Dear Love” is all about

And what all of these people whom the three vocalists are addressing have in common is a misconstrued conception of who they’re dealing with here. Or in once again going back to Bebe Rexha’s own explanation of the song, the lyrics are aimed at people who tend to play destructive, emotional games with friendship. 

And the narrators’ response is, simply put, that they don’t need such persons in their lives which, once again from Bebe’s perspective, they helped only to later be dealt with treacherously. So underneath it all, the message to such people is sort of like shape up or ship out.

Lyrics to "My Dear Love" by Bebe Rexha

Facts about “My Dear Love”

This track features Ty Dolla $ign and Trevor Daniel. The latter is a singer from Houston who had a big hit in 2018 which a song entitled “Falling”. And the former, being from L.A., is currently one of the top rappers in the game. And this is the first time Trevor Daniel has teamed up with Bebe Rexha, though Ty has done so prior, on a 2017 Rexha track entitled “Bad B*t*h”.

Strangely though, Ty Dolla $ign does not receive any songwriting credit on “My Dear Love”. Such rather goes out to Bebe Rexha, Justin Tranter and the two producers of the song, Brian Lee and Andrew Bolooki. And to note, Lee is a Korean-American musician who co-wrote and co-produced K-pop star’s Rosé’s solo hit “Gone” (2021).

“My Dear Love” can be found about midway through Bebe Rexha’s second album, which is entitled “Better Mistakes”. And said project is a product of Warner Bros. Records. It officially came out on the 7th of May, 2021.

My Dear Love

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