“Brrr” by Kim Petras

Kim Petras’ “Brrr” reads a lot like a sex song in which the vocalist is basically challenging the addressee to be feral enough to tickle her fancy to the point of giving it up. As presented, Petras is a “live fast, die young” wild child who’s only turned on by romantic interests of similar inclinations. And once a potential lover does prove himself reckless enough, if you will, then she’s more than willing to bestow upon him her sexual energies, which read as if they’re quite significant.

But according to Petras’s own explanation of this track, it isn’t really about sex. Rather, “Brrr” is premised on the vocalist having a high level of self-confidence and direction and subsequently hooking up with someone, i.e. the addressee, who isn’t intimidated by it and rather even buttresses it. 

So such is the case with the narrative at hand. Kim does come off as what may be deemed a daunting romantic interest.  But the addressee is someone who’s obviously willing and able to handle all that she brings to the table.

Lyrics for Kim Petras' "Brrr"

Kim Petras

Kim Petras, a transgender woman who hails from Germany, already has a couple of studio albums under her belt, “Clarity” and “Turn Off the Light”, both of which came out in 2019. 

However, some other outlets are reporting that “Brrr” is actually a part of her debut LP, which has yet to be dropped as of January 2023. This discrepancy in reporting likely has to do with the fact that the aforementioned projects were indie releases. They were issued under BunHead Records, an imprint owned by Petras. 

Since then however, Kim has managed to make a name for herself by participating on “Unholy” (2022), a collaboration with Sam Smith, which proved to be an international chart topper. 

Release of “Brrr”

“Brrr” itself was released on 20 January 2023. This single was backed by a couple of major labels, Republic and UMG. Amigo Records, which is run by well-known American musician Dr. Luke, also supported the track’s release.


This track was produced by Ilya, a prominent behind-the-scenes’ man who has contributed most notably to the success of Ariana Grande. Ilya also co-wrote “Brrr” alongside:

  • Kim Petras
  • Rami
  • Fat Max Gsus

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