“The Loneliest” by Måneskin

Måneskin’s “The Loneliest” is a breakup song or more specifically one in which the vocalist is lamenting having already parted ways with the addressee. It is never specified that their relationship was a romantic one. However, the manner in which Damiano is whining, if you will, definitely gives that impression. 

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Indeed, he is going as far as to basically imagine himself dying and how his ex would feel in the aftermath. Perhaps that’s something we all think about from time to time, i.e. how our loved ones would react if we were to pass away. But it’s like in this case, the vocalist is really harping on that fantasy.

And the reason being, as relayed, is because he has already been cast into an inescapable state of “torturous” loneliness as a result of being devoid of his significant other. That is actually the thesis sentiment of this piece.

It simply centers on David not having any qualms with admitting that from an emotional standpoint, he is screwed up without the addressee. And the interesting thing is that, unlike how these types of songs usually tend to go, he’s not begging her to come back or anything like that. Instead, as alluded to earlier, it seems his strategy revolves around insinuating that if she continues to desert him, one day he may be gone, permanently.

Lyrics to Måneskin's "THE LONELIEST"


Måneskin is a rock band from Italy. The band really blew up via their 2021 track “Zitti e Buoni”. The said song won the Eurovision Song Contest of the said year. 

They followed that outing up with another solid international hit, which was “I Wanna Be Your Slave” (2021).

So now has come the time for Måneskin to know if they really have staying power or not. For instance, “If I Can Dream”, a single they put out as part of 2022 Elvis (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), didn’t really fare well at all. 

The Loneliest

“The Loneliest” is a non-album single the band dropped on 7 October 2022, after first teasing the track a couple of weeks prior. 

And just to note, they gave this song its live debut the day before its release at a performance they held down in London.

Måneskin members are credited with co-writing “The Loneliest” alongside five other songwriters. Here is how the full songwriting credits list looks like:

  • Victoria De Angelis (Måneskin)
  • Thomas Raggi ( Måneskin)
  • Ethan Torchio (Måneskin)
  • Damiano David (Måneskin)
  • lJHart
  • Rami
  • Jason Evigan
  • Sarah Hudson
  • MNEK

The producer of “The Loneliest” is Fabrizio Ferraguzzo.


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  1. Love It says:

    In my eyes, this is a very good song (both musically and lyrically). Love it!

  2. Wonderful Piece says:

    It’s an absolutely beautiful, wonderful piece of music….

  3. Dennis says:

    The Loneliest is a magnificent song, period. It will go down as one of the best songs this year.

    • Anonymous says:

      I really think so, I listen to a lot of music, I think the loneliest is one of the best lyrics I ever heard. Great Great song,

    • Dennis is Right says:

      Dennis I think your right, it’s going to go down as one of the best songs this year,I love maneskin, I listen to a lot of music, this Songs lyrics is one of the best o ever heard. What a great song!!!!!

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