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“Brrr” by Kim Petras

Kim Petras’ “Brrr” reads a lot like a sex song in which the vocalist is basically challenging the addressee to be feral enough to tickle her fancy to the point of giving it up. As...


“Grrrls” by Lizzo 

Lizzo’s “Grrrls” is somewhat of an odd outing. The thesis sentiment revolves around Lizzo celebrating her sistren, i.e. this being a dance-based, female-empowerment song. But the way the vocalist illustrates her sisterhood in the first verse...


“Telepath” by Conan Gray

A telepath is someone who, most simply put within the context of this song, can read other people’s minds. And in this case, said “telepath” would be the vocalist himself, and the person whose he’s exercising his...