“By Any Means” by Jorja Smith

Jorja Smith is essential using “By Any Means” to explore the various issues of social and criminal justice which have ignited the¬†Black Lives Matter¬†revolution.

She employs a step by step approach to tackle the pain, lies, betrayal and deaths that have led to the current state of revolt. While she is not encouraging wrongdoing, the singer appeals to the emotions of her listeners to seek justice instead of hate, while admonishing others who empathize with her to fight for justice in order to change the world.

Jorja has dedicated this song to ensuring that the conversation on racial injustice is active in the media. Proceeds from this song are set to benefit charity organizations as well as projects which target a number of vital issues. And they include the following:

  • Mass imprisonment
  • Child imprisonment
  • A biased criminal justice system
  • Police brutality

Jorja Smith composed “By Any Means” along with Ezrah. The latter also acted as the track’s sole producer.

She subsequently released it in July 2020.

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