“Can’t Control Myself” by Taeyeon

The presumption, all things considered, is that Taeyeon is addressing a romantic interest. Also, as emotionally illustrated throughout, this is a toxic relationship the vocalist is in, and the lyrical implication is that this reality is so due to being mistreated by her lover.

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But the more pressing idea being presented, as implied by the title itself, is that despite its toxicity, this is a romance that the singer cannot walk away from. Or more simply put she has genuinely found herself in love, even if the person she has fallen for is akin to an A-hole. 

Or phrased otherwise this relationship has its drawbacks, but it has its pleasures also. So as it currently stands, the vocalist is more or less trapped in an abusive romance.

Taeyeon, "Can't Control Myself" Lyrics


Taeyeon is a K-popper who got her start as a member of Girls’ Generation. This is a group that hit the scene in the late aughts and proved to be very successful. She also has a notable filmography to her name and, in more recent times, has ventured into dropping solo tracks.

“Can’t Control Myself”

SM Entertainment made “Can’t Control Myself” public on 17 January 2022. And the last we heard of Taeyeon prior to this was actually earlier this month, as a member of a new K-pop supergroup called Got the Beat, when they dropped their debut single, “Step Back“. But as far as her solo efforts go, her most recent single was a 2021 joint entitled “Weekend”.

The director of the music video to “Can’t Control Myself” is Shin Hee-won. The video features a South Korean actor by the name of Hong Kyung playing the role of Taeyeon’s romantic interest.

Despite her youthful looks, Taeyeon is actually 32 years old as of the dropping of this track.

Upon release, this song proceeded to top iTunes’ charts in a few countries, including South Korea and mostly in Asia, though with Peru also being on the list.

Can't Control Myself

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