Why Can’t it Wait ‘Til Morning by Phil Collins

Why Can’t it Wait ‘Til Morning by Phil Collins.

Why Can’t it Wait ‘Til Morning is a song recorded by British singer and songwriter Phil Collins. The song, which comes from his second studio solo album Hello, I Must Be Going!, is considered one of Collins’ most popular songs of his solo music career.

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Facts about the Song “Why Can’t it Wait ‘Til Morning”

  • The music and lyrics of Why Can’t it Wait ‘Til Morning were written by Collins.
  • The song was the fifth single to be released from Collins’ second solo album
  • The song was only released as a single in the United Kingdom, where it peaked at number 89 on the UK Singles Chart.
  • Collins and long-time collaborator Hugh Padgham produced the song.
  • The song was recorded in 1982 and officially released in the UK in May 1983.
  • Collins played the piano on the song.
  • No official music video of this song was ever released.
  • Being one of Collins’ famous songs, the song was frequently performed at Collins’ concert tours in the Eighties.
  • In 1994, almost a decade after the song was released, the contemporary American jazz group Foreplay collaborated with Collins to record a cover version of the song. The cover version was released on Foreplay’s third album titled Elixir.


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