“Cash in Cash Out” by Pharrell Williams (ft. 21 Savage and Tyler, The Creator)

Judging by the title of this song (“Cash in Cash Out”), listeners who are already familiar with the artists at hand already would already know what it is centered on beforehand it, which is money-based braggadocio. And yes, when you take all lyrics into consideration, they are more dedicated to the vocalists’ wealth than any other subject.

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What exactly the titular term means is never actually expounded upon. But in all likelihood, what it alludes to is the vocalists receiving some kind of large payment – i.e. into their bank accounts – and then withdrawing it. And the way the phrase is repeated in the chorus would also imply that they are doing so on a regular, cyclic basis, i.e. receiving racks and then spending them.

Of course with this being a standard rap song and all, there are also allusions to gun violence. Moreover, this track possesses a strong sexual subtheme, particularly on the part of 21 Savage, who appears to have a very strong affinity for receiving fel-atio. But it does appear that in his own verse, Tyler – for the first time we have actually come across on this blog – verifies that ‘he’s B-I’. “B-I” is generally understood as being a reference to bisexuality.

Pharrell Williams, "Cash in Cash Out" Lyrics

Pharrell Williams

Pharrell has experienced extraordinary success as both a vocalist and producer. But truth be told, going back to his early days, he’s more renowned, and one may even say prolific in the latter regard. So even to this day, Pharrell may headline this song but doesn’t provide any proper vocals.

Release of “Cash In Cash Out”

This song was made public as a standalone single via Columbia Records on 10 June 2022.

The Collaboration

Pharrell and Tyler have a collaboration history. Their collaboration dates back to a track the latter headlined in 2013 titled “IFHY”. But this song marks the first time Williams has teamed up with Savage.

Credits for “Cash In Cash Out”

This song was written by the following individuals:

  • Pharrell
  • 21 Savage
  • Tyler, the Creator

Veteran hip-hop music video director François Rousselet held down said responsibility for the official visual of this track.

Pharrell is the track’s sole producer.

Cash in Cash Out

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