“Hibachi” by Roddy Ricch (ft. Kodak Black & 21 Savage)

To note, Roddy Ricch doesn’t actually have a verse but rather holds down the chorus on this piece (“Hibachi”). And by the looks of things, hibachi is actually a type of Japanese food. However, the way he uses the term apparently is as a reference to Japan itself and more specifically the ability, due to his wealth, to travel the world with “a bad b**ch”. 

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And considering that such is the same concept upon which the track “Thailand” is entitled, it appears that Roddy has an affinity for Asian tourism.

But with that said for the most part this song does not revolve around a romantic or sexual theme. Yes, of course there are such references contained therein. But Kodak Black for instance primarily harps on how he is of a superior monetary standing as compared to his rivals. 

And the most notable part of 21 Savage’s passage also points to his impressive financial standing, how he is a successful rapper who, unlike most, actually ‘owns his master’ recordings. 

And even as far as the aforementioned chorus is concerned, Roddy also uses the opportunity to insinuate that he’s well paid, so such can be ascertained as the thesis sentiment of this track, that Roddy and the boys are basically richer than the rest of us.

“F*** a Nazi”

One other thing that must be mentioned before closing out this analysis is that also in the chorus, Roddy drops the phrase “f**k a Nazi”. And it has been concluded, by some analysts that such is yet another allusion to his wealth. According to these analysts, it points to the notion that the vocalist likes “jewels”, and jewels most often are the products of Jews, i.e. the traditional targets of Nazis. Such is a colorful, though possibly correct way of interpreting that line. But in any event, that may be the first time we’ve come across Nazis being referenced in such a manner in a rap song.

"Hibachi" Lyrics

Release Date of “Hibachi”

“Hibachi” was released from Roddy’s “Live Life Fast” on December 17 of 2021.        

“Live Life Fast” comprises 18 songs and happens to be Roddy’s second career album. Famous Hollywood actor Jamie Foxx is among the many notable artists featured on this album.

It was released by the music labels, Atlantic Records and Bird Vision Entertainment.

Prior to its official date of release, the entire album was marketed by a single titled “Late at Night”.


“Hibachi” was written by Roddy. He composed it with assistance from the following:

  • 21 Savage
  • Kodak Black
  • MU Lean
  • Wheezy
  • Dez Wright

Wheezy produced the song with support from multi-platinum record producer, D. Wright.


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  1. Dallas says:

    Hibachi is my favorite roddy ricch song, I also like the rappers 21 Savage and Kodak Black. If I were to become a rapper, these 2 would be my musical influences.

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