“Chemical” by Beck

On this track, Beck is defining love as “a chemical”.  And what that basically means within the context of the lyrics is that a person doesn’t really have control over him or herself when in love. It’s more like nature has taken over. And the way the singer puts it, this results in said individuals going through the motions which we refer to as romance.  Then after things go sour and the relationship ends, the person comes to the realization that s/he was under a spell so to speak, as in being ‘infatuated’ as opposed to actually in love. And the whole experience serves as a testament to the intoxicating influence love has over us in the first place.

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Beck's Chemical at Lyrics.org.

Writing and Production of “Chemical”

Beck wrote and produced this song alongside none other than Pharrell Williams. 

Release Date

And it was released on 22 November 2019 as part of the singer’s 14th studio album, which is entitled “Hyperspace”. Both “Chemical” and “Hyperspace” are products of Capitol Records.

BTW, it is noteworthy to state that with a length of 4:18, “Chemical” is the second longest track on “Hyperspace”. The longest track on the project is the single titled “Everlasting Nothing”. It has a length of approximately 5:00.

Did Beck release “Chemical” as a single?

No. Beck’s “Hyperspace” project birthed only the following official singles:

Despite “Chemical” not being released as a single, it went on to become one of the highlights of the album. Many Beck fans have even referred to it as their favorite from the album.

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