“Dark Places” by Beck

“Dark Places” is centered on Beck’s separation from his ex-wife. The song rightly captures his feelings of loneliness as he reminisces on her departure.

The writer explains in the first verse that following their separation, he feels rather empty and sometimes escapes to a dark place. This is most likely a metaphor to signify the moments he feels loneliest.

In the bridge, he indirectly states how he desperately wants to be reunited with this person so he can be set free from his solitude. Apparently, he also believes that his partner feels likewise wherever she is, as he concludes by suggesting that they will continually share this ‘dark place’ of loneliness and frustration together.

Quick Facts about “Dark Places”

The official release date of this song was on the 7th of November 2019. “Dark Places” was issued as the third single from Beck’s album, “Hyperspace”. And as with most of the rest of the project, the singer wrote and produced this song. However, he did both tasks in conjunction with Pharrell Williams.

The official video to this Dark Places was created by director Eddie Obrand.

The label behind this track is Capitol Records.


Dark Places primarily expresses the narrator’s obvious struggle with loneliness after a separation from his partner.

Beck and Marissa Ribisi

The lyrics of “Dark Places” were apparently inspired by the demise of Beck’s marriage to the American actress named Marissa Ribisi. The pair got married in April of 2004. Shortly after their marriage, they welcomed a son named Cosimo. In 2007, they welcomed their second child together, a daughter named Tuesday. In February of 2019, Beck and Marissa went their separate ways after he filed for a divorce from her.

Nine months after the divorce, Beck released this song.

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