“Everlasting Nothing” by Beck

In this track, Beck seems to be referring to death when he talks about this “everlasting nothing”.

The first lines of the song allude to materialism as he mentions someone giving up control or power by throwing its keys over a tall building. He then confesses how he anticipated his own destruction if he stepped away from this life.

The chorus further iterates the theme of the track as he recalls some of his friends who have passed away, while revealing his attempt at getting home to this place of eternal silence. The second verse continues with scenarios such as people waiting for him to be washed ashore, again signifying his ideas on either a realistic or metaphoric death. In the final lines, the writer admonishes either a younger version of himself, or a younger person to keep pursuing their goals with the hope that they’ll also have a worthwhile experience.

Facts about “Everlasting Nothing”

This track is from Beck’s 2019 album titled “Hyperspace”, with the song coming out on 14 November of that year. 

It was written and produced by Beck, an artist who traces his heyday back to the 1990s. Beck composed it alongside a very-21st century musician, Pharrell Williams. Additionally it has been noted that between the two of them, they played every instrument featured on the track.

Beck and Pharrell Williams worked together throughout most of “Hyperspace”, a product of Capitol Records. Indeed at the time, they were even contemplating coming out with a collaborative EP.  And the album went on to reach the top 40 of the Billboard 200.

This track features a choir consisting of five vocalists.


Everlasting Nothing most likely exposes the writer’s thoughts on life, death and its associated events.

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