“Uneventful Days” by Beck

As the titular phrase implies, the writer is experiencing a series of unexciting days as a result of feeling hopeless in general. With lyrics likely inspired by Beck’s real life divorce, he expresses his current state of confusion and bleakness throughout the track.

The singer emphasizes on the departure of his lover and the end of their relationship while revealing his state of mind following the said events. First, he condemns himself for not doing things right, then displays utter confusion in the verses by claiming not to know a lot of factors that led to his depression.

Clearly, he understands that he may have lost his partner for good, but is yet to come into terms with this reality. His response therefore is to venture into darkness, existing and doing anything he can to just let time pass.

Facts about “Uneventful Days”

Beck wrote and produced this song alongside the artist he worked with throughout pretty much of all “Hyperspace”, Pharrell Williams. And “Hyperspace” is the name of the vocalist’s 14th studio album.

Of the four singles released from that album, “Uneventful Days” was the most successful.  That is to say that it topped Billboard’s Adult Alternative Songs chart in 2019 and held down the number 12 position on the year-end Adult Alternative Songs chart of 2020.

The music video to this track was directed by multi-faceted English entertainer Dev Hynes. And it serves as sort of a tribute to a couple of Beck’s earlier clips. Additionally it features the following Hollywood actresses:

  • Tessa Thompson
  • Alia Shawkat
  • Evan Wood

Beck released the track on 17 October 2019. It was supported and put out via the joint efforts of Fonograf Records and Capitol Records.


Uneventful Days focuses on the life of a person going through dark moments. It especially reflects on how their day to day activities are rather boring and unexciting because of their mood.

What other singles came out of the “Hyperspace” album?

Saw Lightning” was officially the first single birthed by “Hyperspace”. “Uneventful Days” followed as the second single. Then “Dark Places” and “Everlasting Nothing” followed as the third and fourth singles, respectively. All these singles were released in 2019.

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