“Christmas Tree Farm” by Taylor Swift

The setting of this track is more along the lines of a classic Christmas tune where the singer is enjoying the spirit and seasonal weather of the holidays. Yes, the rest of the season may be defined by hustling and stress, i.e. dealing with “shopping traffic”. But once it comes to the time to gather around the chimney fire with family and friends, it’s nothing but love. And there is one person, i.e. the addressee, whom she is particularly looking forward to spending this time with, as she desires to ‘just be in the arms’ of this individual. And all things considered this would likely be her romantic interest. 

However, as alluded to earlier, this track has a strong familial feel to it also. In fact its title alludes to Taylor Swift’s personal history, since as a child she actually resided on a “Christmas tree farm”. And what she is doing is fantasizing about herself and the addressee being in that setting during the holidays. Indeed when she is feeling lonely, being with him in general ‘reminds her of home’. So the prevailing sentiment of this song, perhaps even more so than celebrating the holiday itself, is the singer expressing love towards the addressee. She is practically using the occasion of Christmas to remind this person that she loves him.

Lyrics of “Christmas Tree Farm”

Quick Facts about “Christmas Tree Farm”

Taylor Swift resided on a Christmas tree farm when she was “from 5 to 10” years old. This farm is located in Pennsylvania. And being that she was but a child she had a simple job – “picking the praying mantis pods off of the trees”.

Taylor Swift wrote this song.  In fact it was a spur-of-the-moment idea she had on 1 December 2019. Then after penning it, she and its producer, Jimmy Napes, laid the track down in just 48 hours. And by 6 December 2019, Republic Records had already released it to the public as a standalone single. Taylor Swift herself directed the music video for “Christmas Tree Farm”. And it features footage from her childhood and Christmases with her family.

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